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Bellator 168 results: Alessio Sakara knocks out Joey Beltran

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Alessio Sakara is finding success under the Bellator banner.

The Italian fighter faced veteran Joey Beltran in a light heavyweight bout in the main event of Bellator 168 which took place on Saturday in Florence, Italy. Sakara picked up his second knockout win with Bellator after stopping Beltran in the first.

It was a short fight with little action until the finishing punch. Sakara stalked Beltran for the majority of the fight and landed a series of punches that dropped Beltran. Sakara then followed up with a few shots to Beltran’s head, knocking him out. The fight was stopped at the 1:20 mark of round one.

Sakara is now 3-1 with a no contest since his release from the UFC. Meanwhile, Beltran is is on a two-fight losing streak, and is now 3-5 inside the Bellator cage.

In the co-main event of the card, Goiti Yamauchi submitted Valeriu Mircea after getting dropped and probably getting briefly knocked out.

Yamauchi was rocked early in the round by what it seemed to be a knee from Mircea, and things looked to be close to being over for Yamauchi. Mircea was vicious and dropped bombs on a downed Yamauchi. Yamauchi was constantly working to tie up Mircea but at several times he looked like he was out after taking hard shots, as his back laid flat on the canvas and his arms where straighten out and away from his face.

But when Mircea would connect with another punch, it seemed to only wake up Yamauchi. The 23-year-old fighter would pick up right where he left off with his grappling every time he would wake back up into the fight, and he was eventually able to use his grappling to tie up Mircea and avoid any futher punishment.

From there, Yamauchi attempted a couple of armbars but found no success. He would then sweep Mircea, get in mount position and begin to drop ground-and-pound of his own. With not many options available, Mircea pushed off the cage with his feet, rolled Yamauchi over, and landed in a triangle that forced him to tap out.

Yamauchi is now on a two-fight wining streak since losing to Bubba Jenkins earlier this year at Bellator 151.

Additionally, wrestling standout and recently-turned MMA fighter Ed Ruth got his second professional win, stopping Emanuele Palombi.

It was a quick, dominant victory by Ruth. It all started with an early takedown from the three-time NCAA collegiate wrestling champ. From there, Ruth quickly moved to side control, then mount and began dropping bombs on Palombi. It only took a few shots for Palombi to go out, causing the referee to stop the bout.

Without breaking a sweat, Ruth is now 2-0 as a professional fighter with his both bouts being under Bellator. Ruth took this fight on a week’s notice after Palombi’s original opponent withdrew from the bout citing injury.

Kleber Silva pulled an upset in Italy, defeating fellow Brazilian Phillipe Lins.

It was a slow-paced fight. Lins moved forward for the majority of the fight, but failed to land any significant shots, while Silva, who spent most of the fight backing up, was able to land the cleaner shots of the bout. One of those clean shots was a hard right hook in the second round that wobbled Lins. Silva followed up with several punches that had Lins stumbling, trying not to fall on the canvas. That was enough for the referee to intervene and stop the fight at the 3:42 mark of round two.

Silva, who came in as an underdog, made a successful Bellator debut and improved his MMA record to 13-7.

To open up the main card, John Salter took on Italy’s Claudio Annicchiarico.

It was an easy fight for Salter, winning the middleweight bout almost effortlessly. The American shot for a takedown early in the fight and mounted Annicchiarico with ease. From there, Salter began dropping a steady stream of ground-and-pound. It seemed Annicchiarico didn’t know how to get out of the position, as he only held on to Salter’s waist and at times would strike back while being mounted.

The referee gave Annicchiarico every chance possible to get back in the fight, but due to Annicchiarico’s inability to get out from the mount, the referee had no option but to stop the fight almost two minutes into the fight. Salter defeated Annicchiarico via technical knockout at the 1:40 minute mark of round one.

Salter is now 3-0 under the Bellator banner, and improved his MMA record to 13-3.