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Tyron Woodley's attempt to rally New York fan support backfires

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

NEW YORK – UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley was surprised to get booed at the initial press conference to promote UFC 205 last month. Perhaps that's why Woodley tried to rally the troops after his brief appearance at the open workouts at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday.

After a few motions to break a sweat, Woodley grabbed the microphone and made a plea.

"Hey one thing guys, we're going to do a chant real quick," he told the gathered. "So when I say, 'who got my back?', I want everybody to say, 'I got your back!' You guys got it? Don't make me look stupid."

Woodley then belted it out.

"Who got my back?"

A few people in the crowd did as he requested and chanted "I got your back," yet the vast majority chanted in unison, "Wonderboy!"

This was repeated three times. The attempt to curry favor may have backfired, but Woodley said he was determined to defend his title against Stephen Thompson on Saturday night.

"It's my time," he said. "I'm not losing to anybody. My last loss is my last loss. I didn't come to Madison Square Garden to make history and lose my belt."

Asked how he'd get it done, Woodley said it would be broadly by force.

"I think just pure domination, pure violence," he said. "I just plan on annihilating everybody in this division."