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UFC law firm investigation clears Alex Nicholson in domestic violence case

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Alex Nicholson won't be facing any discipline from the UFC after a May domestic violence arrest.

Campbell & Williams, the UFC's law firm, conducted an investigation on the matter and found "no sufficient evidence exists" indicating that Nicholson committed domestic violence against his fiancée, per a UFC release sent out Friday. The UFC statement said both Nicholson and his fiancée were interviewed and "all reports of the matter were thoroughly reviewed."

Nicholson was arrested May 8 by Orlando police on a domestic violence charge after an alleged physical altercation with his fiancée at a 7-Eleven franchise. The case did not end up being pursued, because Nicholson's girlfriend did not show up at the trial in August, Florida state officials told MMA Fighting.

The UFC said it would investigate the incident last month.

Orlando police officers made the arrest of Nicholson after observing a contusion on the side of his fiancée's head near her temple, per the arrest report. The alleged victim told police she wouldn't go home with Nicholson because she was "afraid to be around him," but refused to fill out domestic violence paperwork, the report said.

A witness told police that Nicholson picked up his fiancée, carried her out of the store, and dropped her on the ground outside. Another witness said several bystanders puled Nicholson off the woman and took her back into the 7-Eleven, locking the door behind them.

In the 911 call, obtained by MMA Fighting, the 7-11 clerk repeatedly said "one of the customers just committed domestic violence." The clerk told Nicholson he didn't have to put his hands on his fiancée and Nicholson could be heard in the background saying he didn't.

The UFC's full post-investigation statement is below:

"Following a third-party investigation of the matter by the law firm of Campbell & Williams, UFC was informed that no sufficient evidence exists which indicates an act of domestic violence occurred as it concerns Alex Nicholson. Both Mr. Nicholson and his fiancée were interviewed, and all reports of the matter were thoroughly reviewed. It should be noted that the investigation confirmed that the State Attorney of Florida declined to proceed with a case against Mr. Nicholson, and the case was dismissed. UFC reserves the right to reevaluate the matter should new information be made available."

Nicholson, 26, meets Sam Alvey at UFC Fight Night: dos Anjos vs. Ferguson on Saturday night in Mexico City.