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Michael Bisping won't fight Yoel Romero even if Romero beats Chris Weidman at UFC 205

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It seems Yoel Romero is going to have to do a lot more than beating Chris Weidman at UFC 205 to get a shot at Michael Bisping.

Bisping, who successfully defended his newly-crowned middleweight title last month against Dan Henderson, said that he's not willing to defend his belt against Romero, even if Romero defeats former champ Chris Weidman at next week's UFC 205. However, that doesn't go both ways, as Bisping would fight Weidman if victorious against Romero.

"If Yoel beats Chris, I honestly don't think I'll fight Yoel, because he tested positive for steroids," Bisping explained on Friday on SuriusXM Rush. "I read an article recently that said that it takes years for the advantages of taking steroids to get out of your system. Just because you don't test positive anymore doesn't mean you'll lose all the extra muscle and things like that that you were able to achieve. So I think he needs longer, I really do. I don't see why he should be rewarded. If Weidman wins, that's the fight I want. Me and Weidman, for a little while now, I'd say probably the last year, have gone back and forth, back and forth, talking sh*t, and yeah, it's a fight that interests me, 100 percent."

In December, Romero tested positive for a prohibited substance called Ibutamoren, a growth hormone secretagogue, due to a tainted supplement Romero took. USADA, which is the UFC's anti-doping partner, independently tested Romero's supplement and it did test positive for Ibutamoren, even though that banned substance was not listed on the product's label. Having no fault in taking a tainted supplement, Romero was only suspended six months.

The Cuban fighter is currently ranked fourth in the division, and holds notable wins over Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza, Lyoto Machida, Tim Kennedy and Brad Tavares. Romero also remains the only top-15 middleweight to be undefeated in the UFC.

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