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Eddie Alvarez plans to make the UFC great again, fighting 'real' No. 1 contenders, not guys who 'sell tickets'

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Alvarez wants to make the UFC great again, and he has a simple plan to get that done.

The UFC lightweight champ is currently scheduled to fight featherweight champion Conor McGregor in the main event of UFC 205. It's hard to deny that this is the biggest fight in UFC history, since it's a champion vs. champion super fight with the potential for McGregor to make history, as no fighter in the company has ever held two UFC world titles at the same time.

But despite the magnitude of this fight, Alvarez is not defending his 155-pound title against the most deserving challenger, as McGregor has never fought at lightweight in the UFC, and there are two lightweight contenders, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, with outstanding wining streaks, waiting to get a crack at the belt.

On Thursday's conference call, Alvarez told the media that he plans on making the UFC great again and become the greatest in history, fighting the "real" number one contenders, and not big-draw opponents.

"I will go down as the best lightweight in UFC history, that's what I'll go down as," Alavrez said. "It'll start with him [McGregor], but then, I will make UFC great again and I will continue to fight the number one guys who belong here. I sincerely felt I deserved a break. This [UFC 205] is my break, and then we'll get back to some real sh*t and get back to fighting the real number one contenders, who fight the best guys and earn their way to the title, not the guys who have a funny accent and sell tickets"

Although Alvarez is not fighting the guy he thinks is the most deserving challenger, he calls his fight with McGregor a "dream come true," as he has the potential to headline the most successful pay-per-view in UFC history.

"I fought all over the world against the best guys in the world," Alvarez said. "Fighting personally I never saw it as a job, I saw it as an opportunity. I never really looked at it as if it was going to work out financially or maybe it wouldn't. I was never sure, I just knew that I loved what I was doing. I made a lot of promises to a lot of people early in my career and just to be able to get the UFC title, get to the pay-per-view, get to the biggest event in MSG. Its' a dream come true and the time is here. I'm excited about it, and I think I have the right guy in front of me to do some big things."

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