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Vitor Belfort lists opponents he’s interested in fighting next, including Michael Bisping and Nick Diaz

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Vitor Belfort has his back against the wall after losing three of his last four bouts in the Octagon, and made a list of opponents he’s interested in fighting next. And "The Phenom" wants big fights in the UFC.

Belfort mentioned three former UFC champions, and the current 185-pound champion, as names he would take next during an interview to Brazilian TV show Giro Combate.

"I know the UFC has sat down to do big fights," Belfort said of a rematch with former UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva. "I never had anything personal against Anderson. Quite the opposite. That fight with me changed the history of MMA. I know how important that fight was. But it’s a fight fans absolutely wanna see.

"I think the UFC is willing to sit and negotiate. I think they will make a lot of money, so we can make a lot of money, right?"

Belfort, who lost to Silva via first-round knockout back in 2011, is also down to fighting former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz, who is cleared to fight after being suspended following a decision loss to Silva in 2015.

"Nick Diaz is a good fight," Belfort said. "I would like this fight. He’s a guy with good boxing and good ground game, so it will be a good challenge."

Former opponents Chris Weidman and Michael Bisping are also in Belfort’s list. Weidman defeated the Brazilian via first-round TKO in May 2015, while Bisping, who now holds the UFC middleweight championship, was stopped by "The Phenom" in 2013.

"I would love to fight him. I’d give him another head kick," Belfort said of Bisping. "I know he doesn’t have a fight, doesn’t want to fight anyone. He’s picking a rematch, right? He chose Dan Henderson. He chose Dan Henderson to fight, so I’m offering myself. He doesn’t want to fight ‘Jacare’ (Souza), so let’s do this rematch. The UFC is doing a lot of rematches, and he has this fight stuck (in his throat). He tried to avenge that loss to Dan Henderson and only wins robbed decisions. I will put an end to this. I won’t let it go to the judges. I’ll give him another head kick."

"Weidman would also be a good option, too," Belfort added. "A rematch, (a fight that is) stuck in my throat. That’s it. I think it’s the year of the rematches. The UFC is going in this direction right now. Fight that fans want to see."