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Blackzilians owner vehemently denies talk of team's demise

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Rumors of The Blackzilians demise are greatly exaggerated.

That's according to owner Glenn Robinson, who told MMA Fighting recently that he has no plans of shutting down the South Florida-based team.

Talk began to circulate earlier this week when word got out that the team's home gym in Boca Raton was closing. However, Robinson said he made the decision to sell that location when the rent became too high "and didn't make financial sense." Robinson is currently in the midst of building a new "state-of-the art" facility "unlike anything in MMA," however, he wouldn't disclose where in Florida it will be located at this time.

That facility is currently set to to open in January, so in the meantime, the team will be training in a temporary location set in Pompano Beach, Fla.

Most importantly, though, the main reason Robinson has no plans of getting out of MMA, which happens to be a rumor that pops every few months, rests on one UFC contender: Anthony Johnson. In fact, Robinson has been saying that for few months.

"I'm really only staying in MMA for Anthony," Robinson said. "He's like a son to me, and I would never leave before he's done fighting."

The team, which launched in 2011, is currently home to top fighters like Johnson, Rashad Evans, Michael Chandler, Michael Johnson and Matt Mitrione, among many others.