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Needle in hand, Tito Ortiz compares Thanksgiving turkey to Chael Sonnen

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Just when you thought you had nothing to be thankful for this year.

Tito Ortiz dished out a heaping helping of Thanksgiving trash talk on Instagram on Thursday. As he injected butter into a turkey, the UFC Hall of Famer compared said turkey to Chael Sonnen and the butter to performance-enhancing drugs.

This is for @sonnench. #juicebox #Bellator170

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"I couldn't stop thinking about what Chael does to himself," Ortiz said. "Probably not butter. Stuff that he says he gets from a doctor."

Ortiz will meet Sonnen, a former multiple-time UFC title challenger, at Bellator 170 on Jan. 21 in Los Angeles. Sonnen is coming off a two-year suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) after testing positive for a host of PEDs.

"He is kind of like a turkey," Ortiz said. "But don't you know, juice is bad for you."