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CABMMA releases another statement on controversial kick in Claudia Gadelha vs. Cortney Casey

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Cortney Casey is upset with the way she’s been treated by fans and the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission after her unanimous decision loss to Claudia Gadelha at UFC Fight Night 100.

Gadelha threw an illegal head kick at Casey in the third round of their strawweight bout in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Nov. 19, and the debate continues whether of not the kick actually landed.

CABMMA COO’s Cristiano Sampaio told MMA Fighting on Monday that the referee did not deduct a point "because the kick didn’t land, (Casey) forged the injury." Casey responded to the comment on Wednesday in an interview to MMA Fighting, and Sampaio released a second statement on the situation on Wednesday.

Due to the repercussion on the incident between Courtney and Gadelha on UFC Bader vs Minotouro, held in São Paulo/SP on November 19th, 2016, The Brazilian Athletic Commission (CABMMA) would like to clearly state that it does not, in its role as a regulator, judge the character of any competitor, enroll on false public accusations with the intent to jeopardize their history or future in the sport, and most certainly does not analyze anyother circumstance which is not directly related to the regulation of the event, the license athletes and other professionals involved in their responsibility.

The major concern with the incident was to apply the correct judgment call, interpreted by the referee, Commission and medical staff, using their knowledge and commission´s guidelines, and additional resources, which in this case, replays shown in different angles, on the exact moment of the incident.

Finally, if the interpretation of the decision upon the conclusion of the fight has been interpreted in a different and distorted way beyond what was officially meant to, which was to determine the correct call, it should be condemned and discarded.

CABMMA stands by its decision related to this case, but repels and fully disagrees with any negativity towards Courtney Casey´s character as a professional women athlete of MMA.

Casey dropped to 2-3 under the UFC banner with the loss, while Gadelha, currently ranked No. 1 in the 115-pound division, now holds a 3-2 record inside the Octagon.

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