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Yoel Romero: UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping 'talks just to talk'

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It was one of the most memorable moments in an evening overflowing with them Saturday night at UFC 205: The back-and-forth exchange between Yoel Romero and Michael Bisping.

Romero had just finished Chris Weidman with a nasty third-round running knee to win their fight and likely claim the next shot at Bisping's middleweight title.

Bisping, standing in a private box at New York's Madison Square Garden, gave a thumbs down and made an obscene gesture at Romero, who responded by sarcastically telling Bisping, among other things, that he loved the chance.

But according to Romero, he's not all that bothered by the champion's words, seeing Bisping as being all talk.

"Michael Bisping just speaks to speak, he just talks to talk," Romero said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "He just tries to open his mouth so that something can be heard, but nothing's going to come out."

In his postfight interview, Romero made a cryptic reference to an interaction between the two years ago in Germany. Monday, Romero explained that Bisping attempted to get Romero to help him train wrestling when the two crossed paths, but nothing came of it.

"In Germany I meet with the Cuban wrestling team," said Romero, a silver medalist in freestyle wrestling for Cuba in the 2000 Olympics. "And I have a great reputation around the world for wrestling, and at that time Rampage Jackson and Michael Bisping shared same training camp in England and they both asked me to help out, and Michael Bisping said he would love for me to help him with wresting."

Romero declined, which seemed to end the story ... until this year, when Romero was suspended by USADA due to what Romero maintains was tainted supplements, and Bisping won the middleweight belt and began running Romero down and calling him a cheater.

Romero all but laughed off Bisping's taunts.

"How can this man, this old man have that physique?" Romero mused. "How can that man beat these younger athletes? There answer is there, they just don't want to see it. It's not me, it's God."

Whatever the reason might be, Romero appears to be the next in line for the title shot -- both Bisping and Dana White have indicated a spring date is highly likely -- so he's ready to wait until to the two meet face-to-face in the Octagon to continue the dialogue.

"I'm still the No. 1 contender just because I don't have that belt on my waist yet, that's why I'm still No. 1 contender and not the champion. Now for the next fight I won't be the No. 1 contender anymore, I will be the champ."