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Michael Bisping issues response to 'Jacare' Souza's manager

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UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping won't be fighting Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza in the near future. Or Georges St-Pierre. Or anyone else.

Bisping has been in the news in recent weeks after trying to goad St-Pierre into a fight at UFC 206. Then, when Luke Rockhold had to drop out of his Nov. 27 fight against Souza in Australia due to an injury, Souza tried to get Bisping to take Rockhold's place. Oh, and somewhere along the way, Bisping also called out Nick Diaz.

But through all this, the fact Bisping is coming off a bout in which he took a lot of damage in a fight with Dan Henderson just a month ago has always loomed. And Wednesday, he ended any speculation that he'll be competing against anyone in the coming weeks.

"As you all know, I fought Dan Henderson very recently," Bisping said on the FS1 show UFC Tonight. "I've got a busted orbital, I'm getting injections in my knee."

Bisping explained the potential money he'd make fighting St-Pierre would have been enough to ignore injuries and fight the former welterweight champ, but not so much with Souza.

"Now I know what everyone at home is going to say: ‘Didn't you call out GSP a couple weeks ago?'" Bisping said. "Yes, I did, but really, think about this, that was a massive payday, roughly $3-4 million I would have earned from that fight. Against Jacare, I'm going to get around about a quarter."

Souza's manager, Gilberto Faria, told on Tuesday that Bisping is ducking his client, the former Strikeforce champion.

"Michael Bisping is running from 'Jacare.'" Faria said. "He is so scared of him. He'd rather fight someone like Dominick Cruz, who I would put my money on, by the way."

But Bisping says he'll end up fighting one of the top contenders once he's ready, whether it is Souza, or the winner of next week's Chris Weidman-Yoel Romero fight.

"I'm assuming they're saying that I'm ducking Jacare," Bisping said. "I've never ducked anybody in my life. ... Next week, Yoel and Weidman are fighting. Whoever wins, either that guy, or Jacare, will be my next fight, make no mistake. But I'm not doing it in a few weeks."

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