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Conor McGregor inspires some of world's top athletes to do 'Billionaire strut'

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Esther Lin

Moments before defeating then UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, and making UFC history by becoming a two-divison champ, Conor McGregor circled around the octagon with his chin up, swinging his arms and shoulders back-and-fourth. This has been labeled 'the McGregor walk', as he's done it many times in the past, and it has now transcended into other mainstream sports.

Recently, basketball, soccer, and football stars have imitated 'the McGregor walk'.However, McGregor didn't originally create the walk, as WWE's Vince McMahon was the one who originated the walk, which is called the 'billionaire strut'.

So let's take a look at at the original 'billionaire strut', along with McGregor's, and other sports stars:

Vince McMahon

Conor McGregor

Kiko Alonso

Paul Pogba

Marc Gasol

Shaquille O'Neal