Who really is McGregor's most dangerous opponent?

Ok. I know what your thinking..."Oh here comes another Conor post" ...but all things considered, I cannot really think of another UFC fighter with so many dangerous opponents they could match up with next.

First there is Khabib. A very powerful grappler, with an undefeated record and a large Russian fanbase. Khabib virtually takes down every opponent, and not a single one has had an easy time getting off of the ground when Khabib is on top. Not only is his ground game superb, but so is his ground and pound (arguably the best in the UFC right now). His stand-up is improving, but as seen in the Johnson fight, that is where he can be exposed (especially from a striker like McGregor). Could Conor take him out on the feet? Sure. But if you look at the Johnson fight, despite being undefeated (i.e. hasn't been in trouble in his fights), Khabib still has great survival instincts when hurt. If Khabib gets Conor on the ground, it's essentially over, but if Conor can keep it standing, Khabib is in for trouble.

Next, you have Ferguson. Although he has been defeated, Tony Ferguson is on a 9 fight winning streak, all with impressive wins against top talent. Compared to Khabib, I would say that Tony has more tools at his disposal. He has a very unpredictable striking style that incorporates his reach advantage alongside many unorthodox strikes (spinning elbows, etc.). He also has a wicked submission game under Eddie Bravo, thus making him more comfortable in the striking department (does not have to worry about the take down). Conor made a point in his post fight speech, that without a reach or height advantage its pretty much over and Tony has both.

Finally, both Diaz and Woodley are left as possible opponents. Diaz III would be the money fight out of all the ones mentioned, but would also jam things up in the featherweight and lightweight division even more. I think the third Diaz fight would play out like the second and be a barn burner, because even after getting dropped several times in the last fight, you aren't finishing Diaz. Now things get really interesting with Woodley.

Although Woodley has a MUCH larger frame and is most likey much stronger as well, I still think Conor is faster. Woodley is definitely more explosive, but thats not really Conor's style in the first place. Conor likes to walk you down, but not explode on you; picking his shots and waiting for counters. With that being said, both Tyron and Conor have similar height and reach, with one having the advantage in striking (Conor) and one in grappling (Tyron). Now although I think it would be easier for Conor to get up from Woodley compared to Khabib (technical ability, not strength), I think Woodley would do more damage with his sheer strength advantage.

So I know my grammar is terrible, and I probably got some things wrong so criticism is both understandable and welcome...but lets not get distracted. What I'm asking here is...

Who is the most dangerous for McGregor?