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Conor McGregor, Eddie Alvarez verbally go at it in TV spot: ‘You’re a schmuck’

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Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez weren't done after their press conference near fracas Thursday afternoon.

The two UFC champions went on ESPN's SportsCenter and faced off verbally in a hilarious exchange. Alvarez poked fun at McGregor's outfit — a white mink coat, red shit, and ridiculous pants — and McGregor shot back with his own barbs.

Alvarez, the UFC lightweight champion, took note that McGregor's coat still had the tag on it. "The Underground King" said McGregor must have rented it.

"You didn't buy it," Alvarez said. "Take the tags off, Conor. Take the tags off, my man. I think he stole it."

McGregor, the UFC featherweight champion, actually chuckled at that remark, but fired back: "It's worth Eddie's show money."

Alvarez, 32, was asked why he hasn't gotten as much hype as McGregor has despite being a longtime talent in MMA. The Philadelphia native and former Bellator champion said it's because he has never cared before about being a draw.

"I was never concerned with being popular," Alvarez said. "When I got into this sport, being popular wasn't a concern of mine. I've actually paid for it. I haven't got the paydays, I haven't got the things I should have. What I did do is I took the route of integrity. I took on the best guys in the world, one by one by one. And I've been top in the world for years — years. This guy is just coming on in this sport."

McGregor, 28, scoffed at that notion.

"C'mon, Eddie," McGregor said. "You've been over in Japan or some sh*t. You've been fighting bums all your life. You've never been on this stage. You've never been against a guy like me. You're an absolute bum. You're trying to talk about a decorated career — you're a schmuck. You're an absolute bum. You get dropped every fight. Look at your face."

The war of words started even before the fight was booked, increased about six weeks ago at a press conference, and now has hit a fever pitch, especially after a raucous press conference Thursday.

The two men will meet each other in a historic main event Saturday at UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden. McGregor will attempt to become the first UFC fighter to ever hold titles in two different weight classes at the same time.