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WWE vet Kid Kash crossing over to MMA, wants to knock out ‘arrogant’ CM Punk

CM Punk made his UFC debut last month and David Cash tuned in. Cash, who wrestled in WWE and other companies as "Kid Kash," has never been a big fan of Punk. And his interest was piqued when he found out the former WWE champion was competing against Mickey Gall at welterweight.

"Damn, he's the same weight that I am," Cash said he thought while watching UFC 203. "How bad would I love to knock his ass out? I've never liked him. I've known the guy for at least 15 years, probably, and he's been such an arrogant asshole. He was handed so much sh*t. He never earned a f*cking thing."

Gall dispatched of Punk, who has only had about two years of MMA training, in 2:14 of the first round. Cash, meanwhile, is making his return to MMA for the first time in eight years. He's taking on Lindsey Jones at Valor Fights 38 on Saturday in Tennessee.

Cash, 47, fought a pro fight back in 2008 and lost, but didn't really take it seriously and didn't train much for it, he said. But the former WWE cruiserweight champion said he's trained five months for this bout and has a lifetime of experience in martial arts, including a black belt in aikido, boxing since he was 7 years old, high-school wrestling, and a host of various other martial arts.

"I lived it," Cash said. "I'm not like Punk, who before he was a wrestler he was a video-game enthusiast, trading cards and stuff like that. And then he gets into wrestling, knows the right people and gets a push just because he knows somebody."

Punk, 38, left WWE after a dispute with the company in early 2014. He announced in December that he was transitioning to MMA and signing with the UFC. The Chicago native has been training at Roufusport in Milwaukee since early January.

"I'm kind of amazed that he had the camp that he had for two years and went down that quick and with no defense whatsoever," Cash said.

Cash said he was spoken with Bellator about a fight, but it never materialized. He retired from wrestling back in December. Cash said that he's not doing MMA for any reason other than to see how he'll do. He said he trains at least once a week with a group of guys in different disciplines and the conversation came up done day about him fighting again. So, he decided to do it.

"I'm not looking to be famous in it or looking for a UFC contract or anything," Cash said. "I just wanted to do another fight."

However, if a fight with Punk was offered after this one at Valor, he certainly would not turn it down. That is something he'd be very interested in. Cash doesn't like the way Punk left WWE or embarked on his MMA career.

"How arrogant is that?" Cash said. "You just simply quit an amazing job. It's an amazing job. You make a lot of money. Your merchandise sales are incredible. You travel the world. On top of that, you're one of the main headliners and you're crying about it. I'm sorry, buddy. That's just an ego shooting out, one for the ages."

Cash said he's surprised the UFC would allow Punk to fight on pay-per-view in a big fight and pay him a $500,000 purse for his first bout.

"How could you insult and slap your own men, your own fighters in the face like that?" Cash said. "If he was so hungry to fight and he was so wanting to be an MMA fighter, then why wasn't he paid 10 grand? Right? Fair is fair."

Cash said he has no respect for Punk, that he never paid his dues. And he'd love to try and teach him a lesson inside of the cage.

"I would be there with bells on it," Cash said. "I would love to fight that f*cker, I really would. ... He would be in for a very rude awakening. That f*cker couldn't beat my meat; he couldn't."

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