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Dan Henderson believes he should have gotten the decision against Michael Bisping

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Dan Henderson walked away from his final career fight disappointed. But not in himself.

The 46-year-old mixed martial arts legend came up a bit short in his final career fight on Saturday night, losing a unanimous decision to UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping on scores of 48-47, 48-47, 49-46.

But the way the Temecula, Calif. native sees it, he did enough in Mancherster, England to get the job done.

"I left it all in there and I felt like I needed everything to do to win that fight," Henderson told reporters after the card. "It just, unfortunately, everyone didn't see it that way."

Henderson believes he won round 1 of the fight on a 10-8 scores and also took rounds two and five, conceding three and four to the champion.

"The first round I mean, it was almost finished, real close, I thought that it was obviously a 10-8 round, but you never know," Henderson said. "But I probably won the first two rounds, he won the third and fourth, and I wanted to make sure I went out and won the fifth. I got the takedown, landed some decent shots on him, honestly I didn't feel hurt once in the whole fight from anything, with the exception of one leg kick that hurt my thigh a little."

And, of course, Henderson feels he clearly won the eye test. Henderson, looking no worse for wear, showed up to talk to reporters after the card, while a busted-up Bisping was off to the hospital after the fight.

"Obviously by looking at him, he felt some of the shots that I hit him with," Henderson said. "so obviously I'm a little frustrated, I'll have to go home and watch it again and be a little more educated on talking to you about it. But those are the thoughts going through my head during the fight, I didn't want to end up with the draw, I wanted to win the fight."

At the end of the day, Henderson will have to live with the result. But the 1992 Olympic wrestler also retires with one of the most outstanding resumes ever compiled in the sport, from his simultaneous dual weight-class PRIDE titles; to his UFC 17 tournament title; to his Strikeforce light heavyweight title; to memorable individual fights like his first-round finish of Fedor Emelianenko at heavyweight in 2011.

"There's a few," Henderson said when asked about his favorite accomplishments. "Probably winning the second PRIDE belt would be on the top, along with winning a tournament a long time ago, a 32-man tournament, those are probably two of the toughest nights of fighting I had. I have to look back, especially getting ready for this fight, I didn't want to spend too much time soaking things in, making sure I got prepared and didn't want to get emotional about it."

And if nothing else, Henderson heads home to SoCal feeling he gave everything he had in his final battle.

"I spent every bit of energy I had and left everything in there," Henderson said. I'm completely satisfied with what I did tonight."

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