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Michael Bisping has seen UFC 100 knockout by Dan Henderson 'a million times'

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UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping dropped a little bombshell on a recent edition of The MMA Hour, stating he's going to drop his longtime walkout music Blur's "Song 2," in favor of the Oasis classic "Wonderwall" at UFC 204.

That's in part a nod to the fact he'll be fighting Dan Henderson in Manchester, England, both Bisping's and Oasis' hometown. But Bisping also feels the opening lyric applies to the fight:

Today is gonna be the day

That they're gonna throw it back to you

Can you blame Bisping for wanting to make a statement for the 21,000 fans in attendance as he heads out to the cage? For seven years, Bisping has had to live with being on the wrong end of one of the most infamous knockouts in the history of mixed martial arts: The big Henderson right hand which knocked Bisping cold at the legendary UFC 100 in 2009.

And ever since that moment, no one has let him forget about it.

"That knockout happened seven years ago, and if you think I've never seen it you would be mistaken," Bisping said. "That knockout has been repeated and shown by the UFC, on FOX Sports, on Twitter, the amount of people who tweet me that GIF is unbelievable, me seeing that is nothing new, I've seen it ad nauseam, of course, you don't want to see it, you don't want to see the guy knocking you out. But listen, I felt it, I've seen it, I've saw it a million times, it's great. It fuels me, it fuels me to show that world that, well listen, that's not going to happen again."

Indeed, Bisping had largely given up on the idea a rematch would ever happen, but things fell into place at UFC 199, when Henderson scored a knockout victory over Hector Lombard at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif., followed by Bisping's massive, short-notice upset of Luke Rockhold to win the title.

And while Bisping is very excited to finally have the opportunity for a revenge fight which appeared to have slipped away, he also knows from painful experience not to underestimate his opponent.

"The fight makes sense," Bisping said. "Dan Henderson has proven he's still effective, he's still got a big right hand, he still knocks people out, the last thing that goes is power, and on top of the power he still has good timing on it, he's incredibly fast, you've seen it in the Hector Lombard fight, he drilled Hector with it several times prior to getting the knockout. It won't be a walk in the park, of course. I'm confident, but I'm the younger guy, the bigger guy, the fast guy, but also on top of everything, I think I'm mentally stronger compared to Dan."

And with that, maybe Bisping will never again have to see the knockout hear around the world.

"Take that one time Michel Bisping got knocked out, and loop it," Bisping said. "Play it on a loop, because guess what? The record will be set straight on October 8. The H-bomb will not land, lightning does not strike twice."

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