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'Krazy Horse' Bennett: Wanderlei Silva might want Jose Aldo to fight me in Rizin

Charles Bennett had one hell of a time at Rizin. He almost got into a fight with Wanderlei Silva twice and won his actual bout in the ring over Minoru Kimura in just seven seconds by knockout Sept. 25.

When he returned home from Japan, Bennett said he was perusing the Internet when he saw a video that appeared to be of Silva telling Jose Aldo, the maligned UFC interim featherweight champion, to come to Rizin. "Krazy Horse," who now prefers the nickname "Felony," said he scrolled down the comments and saw people were saying that Silva must have been telling Aldo to come over to Rizin and fight Bennett.

"Candylei, are you begging Jose to come fight ‘Felony?'" Bennett told Ariel Helwani on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "Pretty much that's what I'm getting."

Bennett, 36, isn't really sure what Silva was talking about. He doesn't speak Portuguese, he said. But Aldo is disgruntled with the UFC and its treatment of Conor McGregor, asking for his release last week.

"Felony" and Silva have a rivalry going back 10 years to when Bennett said he knocked Silva out backstage at a Pride event following an altercation Bennett had with Cristiano Marcello. Silva has denied that it took place.

The two men saw each other before Rizin at the fighter hotel. Bennett said he went up to Silva for a photo and when Silva noticed who he was, he began cursing at him. Bennett said Silva also spit on him.

"I don't have an issue," Bennett said. "When I seen Candylei that night, i was like, ‘Yo what's up, can I get a picture?' ... Then the bitch spit on me. That's when I put my phone up."

Bennett captured some of the incident on video. The two men had to be separated. Then Silva vowed to corner Bennett's opponent, Kimura, during the Rizin event. That did not go so well for Kimura and Bennett called out Silva during his extremely animated post-fight interview.

The two then got into it backstage during the event as well. Bennett said if Silva really wanted to start something physical, he would, but he knows Bennett is telling the truth about what happened 10 years ago.

"You know in your little mind, in that little peanut head of yours that got all the steroids in it which done shrunk your brain," Bennett said.

Bennett said he's fighting for Rizin again Dec. 30, but not against Silva, who is competing in the Rizin World Grand Prix tournament. Bennett said he is unsure who he's fighting, but if Rizin wants him to fight Silva the money has to be right because he has already knocked him out once.

Rizin would be the only place Silva vs. Bennett could happen, since they are so apart in weights — Silva fights at 185 and 205, while Bennett is a 145-pound featherweight. There is not true commission or regulatory body in Japan.

"Everyone is talking about money," Bennett said. "N*gga, Wanderlei wants to fight me so bad. He doesn't care where it is. It can be in the streets, it can be in the arena, it can be in hell. ... if you ain't got that money, we ain't fighting."

Bennett is one of the most entertaining characters in MMA, but has a troubled past. He just got out of prison in Florida last year after three years behind bars on a third-degree felony assault charge. Bennett's rap sheet includes multiple felony battery charges in multiple states as well a cocaine possession and grand theft.

Since getting out of jail, Bennett has fought six times, winning four. "Krazy Horse" said he only went to the gym maybe three times for the fight against Kimura. But he's not surprised by the result. Not at all.

"You can't even train for a guy like me," Bennett said. "How do you train for a guy like me? You don't even know what's gonna happen."

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