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Pro wrestler Kid Kash, at 47, fights for Valor next month


The transition of pro wrestlers to MMA, as well as in the other direction, will continue as Valor Fights announced Tuesday that Kid Kash, real name David Cash, a 47-year-old pro wrestler whose career dates back to the glory days of Extreme Championship Wrestling, will fight on the company's Nov. 5 show in Nashville.

The promotion claimed that Cash has a 7-3 record in mostly unsanctioned fights. His only verifiable fight was on March 21, 2008, when he lost via decision to Bryan Brown in Frankfort, Ky. He lost that fight after being docked three points.

Cash, who did a retirement pro wrestling match in December, is said to be looking at doing this fight as just a personal test, with no illusions about going anywhere in MMA.

"For me, it's not about the money," said Cash. "I had a lengthy wrestling career, and I did pretty good while I was wrestling. But right now, I've had enough of that. But I still have that drive to compete. I'm a competitor. I like to drive myself harder than probably anyone you know, and I always want to see how far I can possibly take myself."

Cash will face Lindsay Jones of Macon, Ga., in a welterweight fight. Jones will be making his pro debut after winning his last three amateur fights

The show takes place in the Nashville Fairgrounds, a building legendary in pro wrestling circles and where Cash wrestled regularly during his career. It will be streamed live by FloCombat.

Cash held the WWE cruiserweight championship briefly during a 2005 and 2006 run, and also held championships in ECW and TNA .

Cash's career included stints with ECW from 1996 to 2001, where he used the name David Tyler Morton Jericho, as well as just David Jericho. He had used the name Davey Morton when he started his career, coming from his trainer, Ricky Morton, a Hall of Fame pro wrestler of the Rock & Roll Express tag team. The Jericho name came from current star Chris Jericho, who at the time he somewhat resembled. In 1999, he started using the name Kid Kash, due to his resemblance to Kid Rock, the name that stuck for most of the rest of his career

He wrestled for TNA from 2002 to 2005, including the period they ran weekly pay-per-view shows out of the Nashville Fairgrounds. He had a second stint with the promotion from 2010 to 2013.


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