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Guido Cannetti flagged by USADA, out of TUF: Latin America 3 Finale fight with Marco Beltran

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The heated rematch between Guido Cannetti and Marco Beltran won't be going down at the The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America 3 Finale on Nov. 5 in Mexico City.

Cannetti was flagged by USADA for a potential anti-doping violation Saturday, UFC officials confirmed with MMA Fighting. The positive drug test came from a sample taken Oct. 15 and Cannetti has been provisionally suspended. The UFC is trying to see if a replacement opponent to face Beltran is possible at this late stage.

In a statement on Instagram, Cannetti denied knowingly taking any banned substances and implied that the drug could have come from a tainted supplement.

Cannetti vs. Beltran was a rematch from a tournament bout in the first season of TUF: Latin America. Their first fight remains one of the most controversial decisions of the Latin American series, as Beltran eliminated Cannetti from the tournament, but most fans thought the Argentinian dominated Beltran every round.

Below is what Cannetti posted translated from Spanish:

Today, I was informed that I won't be fighting because there was a prohibited substance in the analysis that I was given. I swear that I didn't take anything with a banned substance. I'm very sad for not being able to fight. To this day, I'm training and I gave my best in each training session and I was away from my family for nothing. I spent money that I didn't have to train myself and now I don't have a fight. I swear over my family that I didn't take any prohibited substance. The only thing that could possibly be is a supplement of the ones I took that has something that didn't say it has. I hope that this gets resolved quick because I'm very sad for all the sacrifices I made for this fight.

Additional reporting done by Marc Raimondi

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