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Pat Lundvall’s Nevada Athletic Commission appointment coming to an end

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UFC Fight Pass

One of the country's most high-profile athletic commissioners is coming to the end of her run.

Pat Lundvall's appointment on the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) will end this month after nine years, sources told MMA Fighting. Her last day will be Oct. 31 and she will not be re-appointed. Lundvall confirmed the info to MMA Fighting on Saturday afternoon.

"I have served three terms for a total of nine years with the NAC," Lundvall wrote in an e-mail. "I considered every minute of it as a privilege and an honor."

Lundvall was the first woman to ever be elected as chair of the Nevada commission back in 2009. She was appointed to the NAC by Gov. Jim Gibbons in 2007. Lundvall told colleagues in an e-mail Friday that she got a call from the governor's office Thursday and was told she would not be re-appointed.

Lundvall was recently in the news for her motions in the disciplinary hearing of UFC star Conor McGregor earlier this month. McGregor was called in front of the commission for throwing water bottles and energy drinks at the team of Nate Diaz at UFC 202 pre-fight press conference at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Lundvall motioned for a $150,000 penalty, which included the value of a public-service announcement (PSA) McGregor must film. The UFC star was eventually fined $75,000 (2.5 percent of his purse) plus the value of the PSA.

Nick Diaz found himself in Lundvall's crosshairs at his disciplinary hearing for a third marijuana offense in the state last year. Lundvall initially motioned for Diaz to be suspended for life. Her second motion, a five-year ban, was approved by the commission. The sanction ended up getting bumped down to an 18-month suspension after settlement talks with Diaz's team were broached.

The sanctions for both McGregor and Nick Diaz were panned by media and fans. UFC president Dana White called McGregor's fine "insane" two weeks ago and McGregor told Rolling Stone that he didn't want to fight in Nevada again for the "foreseeable future."

Lundvall has been a lawyer in Las Vegas for more than 25 years, winning multiple awards. She's currently a partner at McDonald Carano Wilson LLP.

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