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Canadian executive Tom Wright among latest string of UFC layoffs

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

For the third straight day, the new UFC owners continued to downsize the company.

On Wednesday, it was the UFC's Canadian office in Toronto that experienced massive layoffs, with approximately 80 percent of the department being let go.

Among those relieved of their duties was Tom Wright, UFC Executive Vice President and General Manager for Operations in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Wright, the former Canadian Football League commissioner, was hired in 2010 and immediately helped get the sport legalized in Ontario. He was also very influential in helping to re-write the criminal code in Canada in order to legalize the sport nationwide, as well as lifting the cage ban in Victoria, Australia.

Wright's firing comes a day after several top executives based in the UFC's Las Vegas office were let go. On Monday, the promotion's Asian office suffered layoffs, as well. Also affected were departments in Europe, Brazil, Latin America, among many others.

All told, the organization, which was home to over 350 employees before the downsizing occurred, was expected to layoff approximately 60-80 employees this week, with possibly more to come later this year.

This turnover comes a little over three months after it was announced that WME-IMG was purchasing the UFC for $4 billion. That sale was officially completed in August.

The promotion has declined to comment on the layoffs, except to say that it was "less than 15 percent of our workforce."

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