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Josh Samman’s official cause of death listed as probable drug overdose

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Josh Samman's death has been ruled a probable drug overdose by the local coroner.

Broward County chief medical examiner Craig Mallak said Tuesday that even though there was no toxicology report done on Samman, circumstances have led him to believe that the late UFC fighter died from a probable drug overdose. TMZ was the first to report the news.

Samman died Oct. 5 after being in a coma for about five days. He was 28 years old.

Samman and his friend Troy Kirkingburg were found the evening of Sept. 29 at an apartment in Hollywood, Fla. Kirkingburg was deceased and Samman was unresponsive, but was breathing and had a pulse.

The toxicology report for Kirkingburg, the announcer for the MMA promotion Samman ran in Florida, came back Tuesday and showed the presence of heroin, cocaine and ethanol (the principle alcohol found in alcoholic beverages), Mallak said. Kirkingburg's official cause of death has been ruled a massive accidental drug overdose and because Samman was found with him, the medical examiner has deduced that his death was due to a probable drug overdose.

No toxicology report could be performed on Samman, Mallak said, because he was in the hospital days before passing away and there was no specimen to test.

Samman, a native of Tallahassee and resident of South Florida, had issues in the past with addiction and suicidal thoughts. He chronicled his troubles — and the 2013 death of his girlfriend, Hailey Bevis — in his book, The Housekeeper, which came out earlier this year.

In his honor, Samman's family has set up the Josh Samman MMA Foundation, a non-profit which vows to provide young athletes with the chances to have their own life-changing experiences. Donations that will go toward sponsoring athlete who will pass the good deed onto others can be made here.

Samman, who was also a practicing and talented MMA writer and reporter, compiled a 3-2 record in the UFC since 2013. He's an alum of The Ultimate Fighter 17. He is best known for his fairytale head kick knockout of Eddie Gordon in 2014 on his girlfriend's birthday.

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