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Brazilian MMA athletic commission approves use of instant replay

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) has approved the use of instant replay in MMA bouts, it was announced on Monday.

According to the commission, referees will be able to ask for an instant replay to confirm whether or not a foul has occurred in the end of the bout, and determine if the fight should be ruled a no-contest, go to a technical decision, or disqualify an athlete.

CABMMA explained that the referee can’t opt to restart the bout after watching the replay.

An instant replay in Brazil would have helped Erick Silva in the past. In his second appearance inside the Octagon, at UFC 142 in 2012, the Brazilian welterweight made quick work of Carlo Prater, but referee Mario Yamasaki disqualified Silva for allegedly landing strikes to the back of the head. The replay showed that Silva’s finish was legal, but he still left the cage with a loss via disqualification.

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