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Michael Bisping, Chris Weidman bury Yoel Romero for recent drug suspension

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It sure doesn't look like the top fighters in the UFC middleweight division are buying Yoel Romero's tainted supplement defense.

Romero, who failed an out-of-competition USADA test following his UFC 194 victory over Ronaldo Souza, had a suspension which could have run as long as two years cut all the way down to six months by an arbitrator.

Current champion Michael Bisping, for one, claimed Romero was "suspended for steroids" as part of a rant against all the top contenders at UFC 204.

And now former champion Chris Weidman is chiming in as well. Weidman, who meets Yoel Romero at UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden in a bout which could determine the next challenger to Bisping, is highly skeptical of the "tainted supplement defense" after test failures.

"Once you have PEDs in your system, any time you put the PEDs in your system, I think you should be suspended forever," Bisping said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "And now you have this whole thing where, tainted supplements, I'm not sold on it. I feel like every time someone failed a drug test the first thing they go to was ‘oh, I was taking this and it was tainted,' I mean, it doesn't take too much time to be like, I failed for testosterone or whatever it is, let me find a supplement inside GNC that people might feel is not a big deal to take and they might be a little more lenient on me."

So with that in mind, Weidman doesn't mind admitting that he considers his matchup with Romero to be a little more personal than most fights.

"It's personal because the guy, he's a gifted athlete, he just failed for steroids, and this is the biggest fight of my life," Weidman said. "I don't like when people take steroids and cheat, especially when they walk into a cage, it pisses me off. And then when you have all these excuses and people start feeling bad for you, it pisses me off. Either way I still go crazy, these guys are taking steroids, I was in this sport pre-USADA and I was used to the idea all these guys were taking steroids and now they're getting caught for it. At the end of the day I was fighting guys on steroids even before this and now they're getting caught for it."

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