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Amanda Nunes: ‘I’m 200 percent’ going to beat Ronda Rousey at UFC 207

Amanda Nunes doesn't seem to be too concerned about her first title defense, even though it's against one of the biggest stars MMA has ever known.

"I'm 100 percent gonna beat Ronda Rousey — I'm 200 percent," Nunes told TMZ on Thursday.

Nunes will take on Rousey in the main event of UFC 207 on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas, it was announced Wednesday. It will be Rousey's first fight since she lost the belt by second-round knockout to Holly Holm at UFC 193 in November 2015. Nunes won the title from Miesha Tate via first-round submission at UFC 200 in July.

"I'm gonna enjoy every single day in this moment of my career," Nunes said. "It's the moment I've been waiting for, fighting on the big cards like UFC 200. Like I said, I have to defend this belt. It's a huge show, a huge event."

Nunes (13-4) said she comes from a judo background and has trained in the discipline since the beginning of her MMA career. Rousey, of course, is a former Olympic bronze medalist in judo and one of the most decorated American female judokas of all time.

The big question, Nunes said, is whether or not Rousey will be able to overcome the Brazilian's striking. Nunes, 28, has explosive power in her hands and Rousey had issues dealing with the diverse striking attack of Holm last year.

"I understand everything Ronda Rousey is gonna bring that day," Nunes said. "I don't think she's gonna be able to deal with my striking. She's gonna be really surprised when I touch her, when I connect on my punches."

Some have said that Rousey does not deserve this title shot, since she's coming off a loss. Nunes does not prescribe to that theory at all.

"I think it's wrong," Nunes said. "Because she was always the most dominant athlete. I think she really deserves that. I know how I'm gonna beat Ronda Rousey. I've been training for Ronda Rousey since my first fight in the UFC."

As for her message to Rousey, Nunes wants to thank her and the UFC for putting this fight together. She is grateful — and also extremely confident.

"This fight is gonna change my life, my career," Nunes said. "I hope she's ready. I know she's a very tough opponent, but I'm the best in the world."

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