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Chris Weidman was 'embarrassed' for Michael Bisping after UFC 204

In his most brash and bombastic form, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping took to the mic at his hometown Manchester Arena and called out the rest of the division after retaining his title against Dan Henderson at UFC 204.

"[Chris] Weidman, what the hell? You lost your last fight," Bisping said. "I've had three victories since you got your ass kicked by Luke Rockhold. Rockhold, I knocked you out in three minutes, buddy. Yoel Romero, you're suspended for steroids. Shame on you. All of you win a fight, get off the couch, and let's [expletive] do this."

The former champion, is decidedly unimpressed by Bisping's remarks. Weidman, who will meet Yoel Romero at UFC 205 in a matchup which could lead to the next shot at the champion, thinks that Bisping, who had an eye swollen shut as he made his remarks, would have been better off with his mouth shut instead.

"That guy had it in his head before the fight, and told himself, 'after I dominate Dan Henderson, I'm going to get on the mic and call out all these four guys and say certain things about them, and it's going to look really cool,'" Weidman said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "But the guy, he shouldn't have done that when you barely beat the No. 14 in the division. ... to get on the mic like that and call out the top four guys like he just did something impressive, I really thought Dan Henderson should have got his hand raised, so I was embarrassed for him. He can say my name a billion times and call me all the names he wants. That guy does not affect me."

For his part, Weidman, a former standout wrestler at Hofstra, couldn't help but root for fellow wrestler Henderson, as the cagey old vet very nearly took the title in his final career bout.

"I scored it for Henderson," Weidman said. "I thought he won the first round maybe 10-8. I think at least one of the judges should have given him a 10-8, I don't know why that wasn't even a thought, and then the second round, I thought he won, yes, he was getting pitter pattered most of the round, but he almost finished the fight again in the second round, then he dropped him again. I think if you almost finish the fight you win the round, it doesn't matter how long you were losing the round. He was never in danger in the second round so I thought he won that round. Then I also thought he won the fifth round."

Weidman, who lost the title to Rockhold at UFC 194, who in turn lost the belt to Bisping at UFC 199, admits it's still pretty weird seeing Bisping parade around with the title belt. And after UFC 204, he still doesn't sound like he thinks the best fighter in the division is the one holding on to the belt.

"I kind of got used to it, it was kind of weird to see these guys fighting and that was the for the championship belt, and that was the champion in my weight class" Weidman said. "He's out there and he's struggling, it wasn't an impressive performance at all, and he wanted to go out there and really show he's the true champ of the MW division. He got the fight he wanted, which was crazy that he got that fight, and that's the way he looked. It's a little embarrassing."

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