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911 call audio emerges from Julianna Pena incident: 'They're gonna f*ck sh*t up'

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Two calls were made to 911 from bar employees accusing a UFC fighter of assault.

TMZ obtained the audio from the calls and published it Wednesday. Pena was arrested and charged with two counts of assault last month. The UFC women's bantamweight star allegedly kicked two men in the groin area in an incident following a bar fight.

Pena, the first female winner of The Ultimate Fighter in 2013, was arrested Dec. 20 by the Spokane (Wash.) County Police Department and charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault. Police reports said that Pena and her Sikjitsu teammate Joshua Gow were involved in a brawl outside a bar in downtown Spokane. Afterward, Pena took Gow to the nearby bar Zola's to get him cleaned up, because he had a cut on his face.

Zola's employees, though, did not let the fighters in, because the place was closed, reports stated. On the 911 call, employees said they were rubbing their bloody faces on the outside window and two security guards and the building owner were trying to keep them out of the establishment.

"They're professional fighters," one employee said on the 911 call. "They're gonna f*ck sh*t up."

Witnesses told police that Pena, 26, kicked a man in the groin area and then kicked another in the groin twice. She was arrested and released around 12 hours later on $5,000 bail. Witnesses said Pena became "irate" when bar employees didn't let them in. Pena told police, according to the report, that nothing happened at Zola's.

Pena's pre-trial conference is set for Jan. 19 in Spokane Municipal Court, according to court records.

The penalty for assault in Spokane, according to the city's municipal code, is a fine that does not exceed $5,000, imprisonment for no longer than one year, or both a fine and imprisonment.