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Dana White 'interested' in Conor McGregor as two-division champion

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Conor McGregor captured the UFC featherweight title at UFC 194 with a 13-second knockout of longtime king Jose Aldo.

After the fight, McGregor made it clear he wanted to head 10 pounds north to lightweight and do the same. Speaking on Wednesday's episode of UFC Tonight, UFC President Dana White made it clear he's open to this possibility.

"Conor has said that he would like to win the 155-pound belt and fight four times a year and defend both belts," White said. "If anybody can do it, Conor McGregor can. This guy has pretty done everything he said he would do. I'm interested."

An apparent snag to McGregor's plan is the fact that, traditionally, if a champion wanted to move up or down a weight class, he or she would have to vacate the belt in their current division. For McGregor, however, White believes an exception could be made.

"That is true that normally I would say if you're going to move up in weight, you have to give up the belt. But Conor has done everything he said he would do. He loves to fight. He really likes money, so if anybody could do it, it's probably him."

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