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Dana White thought Carlos Condit beat Robbie Lawler: 'It depends on how you score that third round'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Dana White wasn't calling for the head of any judges. But he, like many, thought Carlos Condit won Saturday night and should have been the new welterweight champion.

Robbie Lawler ended up winning the tight split decision in the UFC 195 main event in Las Vegas. The UFC president had it the other way and he believes it really came down to just one round.

"I had it 3 to 2 Condit," White said at the post-fight press conference. "But I'm not a judge, so nobody probably gives a sh*t what I think. That's how I had it. "

White scored the first, third and fourth rounds for Condit. He had the second and fifth for Lawler. It all came down to the third. Two judges -- Chris Lee and Derek Cleary -- had it for Lawler. Tony Weeks had it for Condit. White thought Condit won the third and the fight.

Lawler card (MMA F)

"Lawler was winning that round early and then kind of shut down and didn't do much the rest of the third round," White said.

However, the UFC boss was far from outraged. He acknowledged it was a close fight and also praised Lawler for going out in the fifth round with the intention and aggression to finish. After seeing what "Ruthless" did in the fifth, White couldn't be all that upset with the decision.

"I think that Robbie did what Robbie needed to do in the fifth round," White said. "He needed to get that fire lit under his ass. Both guys made it one of the best rounds you'll ever see anywhere, in any fight. Both guys were toe to toe, blasting each other. Robbie did what he needed to do to win that fight."

Lawler (27-10, 1 NC) was coming off a Fight of the Year performance against Rory MacDonald at UFC 189 in July. He also took part in the 2014 Fight of the Year against Johny Hendricks. Lawler finished MacDonald in the fifth round of a fight he was losing. He could not stop Condit, but ended up taking home the decision anyway in a disputed decision.

"Much respect for Robbie," White said. "He needed to come out and do what he did in the fifth round. One of the greatest rounds I think you'll ever see in a fight. It was an amazing fight. Congrats to both guys.

"The fight was awesome. I thought Carlos Condit fought the fight of his life tonight."

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