Secrets revealed in new MMA book with Fedor, Rashad, Franklin, Sherk, Rory and others.

Delve into the minds of true champions of the fighting arts with the spectacular and inspirational tome, The Fighter Within releasing February 2nd that teaches more than a hard right hook. Learn from the masters of the fighting arts such as the secretive Fedor Emelianenko regarded as the best heavyweight in the history of MMA who recently won his out of retirement comeback fight on New Years Eve, Rory Macdonald a UFC rising star, Rich Franklin, Rashad Evans, Sean Sherk whom all obtained UFC championships, boxing champion Tomasz Adamek and a plethora of others through a journey spanning the globe with the latest release from Tuttle Publishing hitting the global market February 2nd 2016.

Secrets and insights have been mined such as Fedor's softer side as disclosed by an exclusive interview with him and his wife, ranging from psychological insights down to who gets the television remote in their Russian household. Rashad opens up with deep insights and inclinations as well as what he is afraid of. Learn from Firas Zahabi, famous coach of champions as he discloses information about the legendary Georges St. Pierre as well as pens the modern style 'Art of War' chapter titled the Jiu Jitsu Principles.

Legendary fighter, actor and commentator Bas Rutten penned the foreword to my journey's and insights into the astute minds of true champions as the author uncovered more humanity and life principles than he ever imagined from a seemingly brutal sport.

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Here is my commercial with Bas Rutten, Chris Horodecki and Rashad Evans