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Vitor Belfort: Jose Aldo is a real athlete, Conor McGregor is a trash talker

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The UFC got some of their top stars in a press conference Friday, but interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor taking over the day didn’t please everyone.

Vitor Belfort flew to Las Vegas to promote his Nov. 7 main event clash with Dan Henderson, and expressed his disappointment with the situation over his social media. The former UFC light heavyweight champion, who headlines the upcoming Fight Night card in Sao Paulo, believes MMA is becoming entertainment only.

Belfort, who was asked only one question during the entire press conference, doesn’t think "The Notorious" represents the true values of the sport.

This is a legend fight Belfort vs. Henderson 3. We don't need trash talk to sell tkts. I am wondering if one day MMA will be seen more like a sport and less than entertainment? It seems that we are going to the wrong way. A good example is Aldo (real athlete) and Mc Gregor (trash talker). To become an Olympic sport we have to apply the Olympic values not only the Olympic rules. Where is the RESPECT?!? I don't want to see our kids thinking that to become a successful MMA athlete you have to talk crap instead of respecting others. Real martial arts is not about this!!! We need a good example starting from the organizations, fighters and extending to the media and fans. It is a free consulting!!! I have a voice!!!!

Aldo vs. McGregor headlines the biggest UFC card of the year on Dec. 12, and "The Phenom" looks to for his way up towards another shot at the 185-pound title in a trilogy bout against Henderson.