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UFC 191 live blog: Paige VanZant vs. Alex Chambers

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Paige VanZant and Alex Chambers will kick off the UFC 191 main card Saturday.
Paige VanZant and Alex Chambers will kick off the UFC 191 main card Saturday.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 191 live blog for Paige VanZant vs. Alex Chambers, a strawweight bout at Saturday night's UFC event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

VanZant, who is 2-0 in the UFC, will face Chambers, who is 1-1 in the UFC, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 191 live blog below.

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Round 1: The referee for the first fight on tonight's PPV is Big John McCarthy. VanZant seemed very loose coming in. Fifteen years separate her from Chambers. VanZant out quick with pressure, and she's throwing on the fence. Clinch, and now Chambers returns fire. They break and reset. VanZant with a clinch and they trade, and now to fence again. VanZant banging her knees home, and Chambers with an uppercut in the clinch. Working the body is Chambers, yet VanZant is still controlling. They break again, and Chambers circles. Again, VanZant with initiating action. Pressure game is what PVZ is all about, yet Chambers is landing shots on her retreat. She hammers home a couple of shots before getting tied up on the fence, and now VanZant with the plum. She takes Chambers down finally, after getting her ears boxed. Can't keep the Aussie down, though, as Chambers is back up. PVZ right back on her on the fence, pressure pressure pressure, and she's posting Chambers there. They are both letting loose on the slimmest of openings, and Chambers missed on a knee in the clinch as they break. Inside leg kick from Chambers; she's doing that to keep PVZ at bat. Knee to the body from VanZant. Clinch again, as they roll to the fence, and PVZ with the dogged pursuit. She slings Chambers down and throws some punches on her as she lay, but Chambers back up. VanZant clear round there. MMA Fighting scores R1 for VanZant, 10-9.

Round 2: VanZant's corner asking for straight punches to the body between rounds. VanZant again with pressure, but it's Chambers who lights up first, landing a one-two from range. High kick from VanZant, and now she clinches and slams home a knee. Back to the fence, where VanZant is at home. Can't stay there. Back to center. Pressure keeps up from VanZant, who again pushes Chambers to fence, and she's looking for a trip. Foot stomps from VanZant. They are toiling, Chambers just trying to stay upright. Clinch is the game. VanZant with knees coming up now, the odd one making its way to Chambers' chin. They break momentarily — but right back in the clinch, and VanZant right back to work. Just too much for Chambers, who now grabs a knee and is low, trying to take VanZant down. Can't do it. VanZant reverses on fence, and they roll along it. VanZant trips Chambers down part way, but Chambers able to lift back up. More knees in the clinch from the suffocating banshee VanZant. Elbow from VanZant, and now a shot to the body. All VanZant, the clinch is her realm. Trying to take Chambers down, and instead just contorting her into different awkward shapes on the fence. Great pressure again, and she drops Chambers with a big shot. And now she's opening up on Chambers, big shots trying to put her away. Chambers still around, as VanZant dumps Chambers to the canvas. Just a ton of unanswered shots, as now she's lighting Chambers up with hammerfists. All VanZant again. MMA Fighting scores R2 for VanZant, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3: VanZant's corner asking for five minutes more of PVZ's life, just to do what she's doing. VanZant very cooperative in the request. VanZant right back out fast, slams into Chambers on fence, into clinch, slinging limbs. Chambers on her back, and VanZant says get back up. Once she does, it's an overhand right and then back to clinch. Now VanZant has her neck, trying for a rear-naked choke. They slink to the ground, and Chambers fending. Can't get it. Punches from VanZant, and now she's going for an armbar. This looks like trouble...and it's over! Chambers taps. Wow. VanZant showing a nice little arsenal there, both on the feet and on the ground. The 21-year old keeps rolling along with a submission victory over Chambers. Chambers was tapping adamantly; McCarthy got in there quick.

UFC 191 official results: Paige VanZant def. Alex Chambers via submission (armbar) at 1:01 of R3