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UFC 191 undercard live blog: Pearson vs. Felder, more

Ross Pearson and Paul Felder headline the UFC 191 undercard Saturday night.
Ross Pearson and Paul Felder headline the UFC 191 undercard Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 191 undercard blog for the UFC 191 event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

There will be six fights on the UFC 191 undercard. Ross Pearson vs. Paul Felder, Francisco Rivera vs. John Lineker, Jessica Andrade vs. Raquel Pennington, Clay Collard vs. Tiago Trator, Joe Riggs vs. Ron Stallings, and Joaquim Silva vs. Nazareno Malegarie will be featured.

Check out the UFC 191 undercard live blog below.

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Joaquim Silva vs. Nazareno Malegarie
Round 1: UFC 191 is underway. Chris Tognoni is our referee. Due to technical difficulties, we pick up in the middle of the first round. Malegarie wades forward and cracks Silva with a one-two. Silva counters with his own one-two, then changes levels and hunts for a double. Silva switches to a single, but abandons it. Silva bloodies Malegarie above the right eye with a flurry. Big jumping knee from Silva ends the rounds. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Silva.

Round 2: Malegarie dances to the side then connects with a right. Malegarie follows up and dumps Silva to the mat with a double. Silva scrambles but gets slammed back to the floor. This time Silva scoots to the fence and escapes for good. Left high kick for Silva. Malegarie whiffs with a looping hook then eats a left. Malegarie lunges into a right hand. Another flying knee from Silva misses. Malegarie starting to find his rhythm. Silva bullrushes inside and lands a few hammers to end the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Malegarie.

Round 3: Silva finds his mark with a right hand. Malegarie swarms inside but can't land anything flush. Silva teeps to keep his range then wings a hard left hand counter. Silva steps in with a knee, Malegarie answers with a right. Both these guys just hanging in the pocket, trading single shots. Malegarie doubles pumps his jab. Silva feints with a knee then eats a pair of rights for his troubles. Another solid combination from Malegarie. Malegarie stalking now. Silva walks into a looping left. Silva misses a flying knee to end the round. Not a spectacular UFC debut for either fighter, but not bad either. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Silva.

Joaquim Silva def. Nazareno Malegarie via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

Joe Riggs vs. Ron Stallings
Round 1: Jason Herzog is the third man in the cage. Stallings opens with an outside leg kick, and another. Stalling working early on that right leg. Riggs finally lets his jab loose, then goes to the body. Stallings answers with a salvo of stiff jabs, and Riggs looks shaken up. Stalling swarms against the fence but can't land anything flush. Riggs looks like he's back. Riggs ducks under and finishes a single. Slick, slick reversal from Stallings right into side control! And Riggs is up. One-two from Riggs, then he shoots for another single and gets it. Riggs working from Stallings' guard. Stallings keeping busy from the bottom. Riggs stands and gets smacked with an upkick. Same spot as earlier; something seems to be wrong with Riggs' eye. Riggs dives back on top and ends the round in side control. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Riggs.

Round 2: Man, Riggs' right eye is in bad shape. He can barely keep in open. WHOA! Huge left hand from Riggs floors Stallings! Riggs dives into top position and starts unloading with punches. Riggs just battering Stallings from his guard. Punches and short elbows. Stallings is bloodied up. Another nasty elbow from Riggs. Stallings is taking a lot of damage here. Wait, Herzog calls time. Looks like Stallings slipped an illegal upkick through there. Riggs tells the doctor he can't see out of his right eye. And they're stopping the fight. Anticlimactic finish here. Riggs' eye is badly messed up.

Joe Riggs def. Ron Stallings via TKO (disqualification) at 2:28 of R2

Clay Collard vs. Tiago Trator
Round 1:
Big John McCarthy is our referee. They touch ‘em up and we're off on FS1. Collard gets clipped coming inside with a right. Trator clinches and unloads a few knees. Collard connects with a looping shot off the break. Collard wades inside again and drives Trator to the fence. Collard with a couple nasty short punches to the body. Trator breaks free. Trator starting to open up, and Collard is down to trade. Collard keeping his hands by his sides, with absolute disregard for Trator's offense. Trator grabs a body lock and tries to drag Collard to the floor, but Collard reverses and divebombs into half guard with a huge elbow. Collard stands to do it again, but this time Trator shrimps out and reveres into mount. Collard wall-walks out the backdoor, but Trator trips him back to the floor and sinks both hooks on his back. Trator hunting for a rear-naked choke and he actually could have it. Collard is saved by the bell. That's a hard round to score, but I have to give it to Trator for that final sequence. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Trator.

Round 2:
Collard wades forward, flurries then kicks Trator in the ribs. Trator answers with a hard one-two over the top. Big exchange from both men. Collard's spinning elbow attempt fails badly. Trator goes to work with leg kicks, and Collard is just baiting him to go up high. Big left hand drops Trator! Collard dives on top and unloads with punches, but Trator catches an armbar. Collard defends but Trator uses the momentum to sweep into top position. Trator advances to half guard, then steps over into mount. Collard gives up his back. Trator jumps on a no-hook rear-naked choke, but can't finish. Collard shakes him off and lunges into a flurry of hard punches from top position. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Collard.

Round 3:
They're trading already, and both men eat looping hooks. Collard backs against the fence and flurries. Trator cracks him with a right hand. Man, Collard just doesn't believe in guarding his face. Collard pops his jab, then again to the body. Left hand stops Trator in his tracks. It may not be pretty, but Collard is unloading volume while Trator is not. Trator eats another shot and waves him on. Trator shoots for a double but Collard defends and blasts him with a few extra shots off the escape. Collard goes to the body. Trator answers with a right hand, but Collard just bulls him to the floor. Trator stands. Another takedown attempt from Collard, and this time Trator defends it. Trator latches onto a body lock. Collard rolls forward for a leglock but can't hit it, so he ends the fight on his back. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Collard.

Tiago Trator def. Clay Collard via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Jessica Andrade vs. Raquel Pennington
Round 1:
Herb Dean is the man in charge for this women's bantamweight rematch. Andrade comes out on fire, winging wild looping shots. Pennington with a right hand counter in the clinch, but Andrade is able to change levels and dump Pennington to the floor, settling in full guard. Pennington staying active from the bottom. Pennington stands and successfully defends an Andrade back-take, then drops down for a single. Pennington abandons it and cracks Andrade with a nasty short elbow. Another double leg dump from Andrade, and once again Pennington stands. This time Andrade hits a trip, but Pennington instantly stands and unloads with knees and punches. Solid flurry there from Pennington. Andrade answers with a knee to the gut of her own. Andrade scores another takedown at the horn. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Andrade.

Round 2:
Stiff jab from Pennington is answered by a leg kick from Andrade. One-two from Pennington briefly staggers Andrade. Andrade returns to her leg kicks but she's eating too many shots. Pennington ducks under a looping hook and bulls Andrade to the floor. Andrade stands, hunting for a guillotine. She can't get it. Andrade pushes forward and lands with a flurry of punches. Hard kick to the body from Andrade, but Pennington bulls right through it and dumps Andrade to the mat. Andrade again fishing for a guillotine from the bottom. Pennington escapes, stands, then snatches Andrade's back in a scramble! Pennington locks up a rear-naked choke as the clock winds down! Just seconds left and Andrade taps! Wow, that was a crazy finish.

Raquel Pennington def. Jessica Andrade via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:58 of R2

Francisco Rivera vs. John Lineker
Round 1:
Oh man, this one should be fire. Chris Tognoni is the third man in the cage. Only feels like a matter of time before the fireworks start popping. Lineker struggling to find his range against the much bigger Rivera. And just like that, they're swarming! Wild exchange! Punches in bunches here and Rivera drops. Lineker follows him to the floor and looks to finish! Rivera somehow powers to his feet and goes back to war! Oh my goodness this is ridiculous. I can't even describe this. Rivera gets cracked again and Lineker jumps on a guillotine! This is chaos. Rivera taps. Good god, man. Instant round of the year candidate.

John Lineker def. Francisco Rivera via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:08 of R1

Ross Pearson vs. Paul Felder
Round 1:
Great match-up here to close out the preliminary card. Jason Herzog is our referee. Immediate step-in to the body by Felder. And another to the head. Pearson ties up along the fence, Felder reverses. Short knees and elbows from Felder. They battle for position against the cage, trading short shots from the clinch. Felder releases and gets dumped onto his back by Pearson. Pearson stands then dives into Felder's guard. Felder looks to wall-walk but Pearson stifles him. Felder finally stands, then goes right to work with more short elbows to the head and knees to the body. Big spinning backfist from Felder, but he eats a big counter and ends the round on his back. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Pearson.

Round 2:
Pearson taking his time, circling right and measuring distance to start the second. Heavy outside leg kick lands from Felder. Jumping knee from Felder, and he follows it up by cracking Pearson with a right straight. Pearson looked staggered for a second, but he's good now. Felder's coach is calling for more offense. Pearson high kick is blocked. Solid body kick lands from Pearson. Pearson lunges a right hand into Felder's jaw. Felder answers with a knee to the body. Very even fight so far. Felder continues to work the body. Pearson ducks under a one-two and cracks Felder's ribs with a right. Felder eats another flurry and drops his hands. Man, Felder looks mean right now. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Pearson, barely.

Round 3:
Pearson finds his mark with a left over the top. Felder whiffs on a high kick. Right hand to the ribs by Pearson. Felder is pure stalk mode right now, eats a jab and shakes his head. Pearson ties up along the fence and stomps down on Felder's left foot. Some nice dirty boxing here from Pearson. Felder reverses then releases. Spinning backfist just misses for Felder. Pearson cracks Felder hard with a left hook. Another left hook slips through and crushes Felder. No joke, Felder just smiles and answers with a wheel kick. This dude is something else. Pearson connects on another right hand. They close it out with an exchange. Good fight. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Pearson, but 30-27 is not representative of how close that fight was.

Ross Pearson def. Paul Felder via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

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