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After big win in return, Josh Barnett contemplates movie role versus fighting again soon

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

After making successful return to the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 75 this past weekend in Saitama, Japan after nearly two years out, Josh Barnett isn't sure when he'll fight again.

According to a report on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight, the 37-year old heavyweight came out of the fight unscathed, yet he is deciding what the next move will be — Hollywood, or another fight.

Barnett's manager Leland Lebarre told Ariel Helwani that Barnett enjoyed the experience of being back in the cage, and that he loved the entire road to the fight.

"Josh is healthy and could conceivably walk right into an elimination title fight right now because he is at peak physical condition," he said. "However, he has big movie offer and frankly they pay better."

Lebarre added that Josh needs to balance out what's more important to him right now — his fighting legacy or his finances. With the uncertainly of what Barnett's next move will be, Lebarre said he could envision Barnett fighting two months from now, or not fighting for another two years, or not fighting ever again.

The report said that Lebarre wanted to reiterate that he's not holding the UFC hostage in this process.

"We fight at the leisure and discretion of the powers that be at Zuffa," he said.

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