Is Uriah Hall right to battle against negativity and media 'bullsh-t' - article

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"Trading Shots: Is Uriah Hall right to battle against negativity and media 'bullsh-t'?"

article on mmajukie, by Ben Fwokles and Danny Downes.

Objective fact:

Uriah Hall did not say he would only have positive things from the media, nor did he claim any such thing at all. He never went into any kind of "battle" against negativity. So you two guys are just setting up a logical fallacy - a strawman argument - where you falsely imply Uriah said something he did not - and then argue against that.

Therefore, this whole article is... content, eh guys?
Gee, did he say that a large part of what you do is bullshit? Imagine that, eh ?
Did it not hurt your feelings so you had to go and write more of it with this article? You thought it was unfair, eh? Wasnt based on facts, eh? How about the fact that your whole article is a logical fallacy?

The truth is that "Journalism" today present as much objectivity as it is forced to, on case by case bases - and it does so only as a cover up for click baiting titles and outtakes and soundbites which are the real job that you guys do. - AS IS OBVIOUS -

The objective truths, such as may be found, are presented with an angle that benefits specific goals or politics. Thats in rare cases where objective truth and facts is even used at all.

Then there is another angle where to establish false sense of objectivity you journalist claim oxymoronic fallacy of absolute relativity, where you know, you present different views about something as equal to one another since hey, opinions and all that, EH?

Face it, your "profession" is corrupt top to bottom.
It was ever since you started writing bullshit and calling it content. You guys are not working in journalism at all. You work in marketing.

Its not "content". Its something you are trying to paint over and present it as content - while its clear what it really is. Just like this article of yours. You eat it.
Eat it and smile and say how good it is.
Because those lights have to keep going, right? You mean...someone is paying you money for bullshit?

ha...imagine that reveal, eh?

btw, i had to write this here because i am continuously getting banned from mmajunkie for god knows what reasons or some sentence i wrote thats out of that web site party line.

which just shows what kind of hypocrite Assholes run that jig.