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Urijah Faber: Conor McGregor in a suit and tie is like 'a poser wearing Tapout'

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LOS ANGELES -- Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber make a study in contrasts in many ways as opposing coaches on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Their taste in style is perhaps the most visible of those contrasts.

McGregor, of course, likes to wear the finest threads from head to toe, and especially loves bragging about how much money he spent on said clothing.

Faber isn't called "The California Kid" for nothing, as, even at age 36, he exudes a laid-back NorCal vibe.

Last week, McGregor poked fun at Faber's look. "He looks like a 15-year-old skateboarder," McGregor said. "I told him he needs to dress his age."

This week was Faber's turn to fire back, and he jabbed back at McGregor on two fronts. For one, Faber noted that dressing in a suit isn't exactly practical when you're trying to coach fighters in the heat of a Nevada summer.

"Let's be honest here, Conor shows up every day, to practice, to everything, in the Vegas desert, in the full get up," Faber said. "And he's got armpit sweat coming out to here [gesturing across his back], at one point he has an ass crack full of sweaty ass, he rips his pants at one point."

Second, Faber simply views things differently than McGregor. McGregor dresses for success; Faber believes you succeed so you can make yourself comfortable.

"I'm like, bro, what's up with the outfit," Faber said. "He's like ‘I'm all business.' I'm like, ‘dude, you're like the Tapout guy at the bar who thinks he's a fighter because he's wearing Tapout.' In this business world, Conor in a suit and tie is like the poser wearing Tapout. I had to educate him about business. Look at Dana White, Dana White will not put on a suit unless he's forced to."

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