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Finkelchtein: Fedor Emelianenko yet to sign with any promotion

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Fedor Emelianenko is still looking for a new home.

That's according to Emelianenko's long-time friend and manager Vadim Finkelchtein, who told on Tuesday that "The Last Emperor" has yet to sign with any particular organization.

"Not yet," Finkelchtein said when asked if Emelianenko has signed a new deal. "At this moment, we are just talking."

Combat Press reported Tuesday that Emelianenko has officially signed with the UFC, however, Finkelchtein, who said a deal with the UFC is still "possible," said that report was premature. While not officially his manager, Finkelchtein said he is currently helping Emelianenko field offers from various promotions.

The former PRIDE heavyweight champion has drawn interest from virtually every major promotion around the world after announcing last month that he was ready to end his three-year retirement.

"Fedor is training every day and wants to fight," Finchelchtein added. He would not provide a timetable for when Emelianenko would return to action.

When asked where his first fight would take place, Finchelchtein said, "Maybe first in Russia," though he would not elaborate any further. Emelianenko has also drawn interest from the yet-to-be officially announced Japanese promotion headed up by former PRIDE executive Nobuyuki Sakakibara, which could debut as soon as New Year's Eve.