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Demetrious Johnson compares 'mental midget' John Dodson to 'a little chihuahua'

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LOS ANGELES -- UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson clearly doesn't have a high opinion of John Dodson's cranial capacity.

At a UFC 191 media luncheon in downtown LA on Monday, Johnson said that his opponent on Saturday night in Las Vegas is a "mental midget" and likened him to a yapping chihuahua that needs to be put in its place.

"Some people have to talk themselves up, we call them ‘mental midgets,'" said Johnson, who won their first matchup in 2013 via unanimous decision. "‘Oh, I'm a killer, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that, I punch hard.' I don't need to tell any one of you guys that I can do what I can do. I'll just show it to you guys and if you want a little sneak peak, come watch me work out. That's how I do my thing."

Dodson has done a fair bit of trash talking in the runup to the fight, and at a Monday media event in Las Vegas, Dodson claimed he would talk to Johnson all throughout the fight come Saturday night.

That bit of info prompted Johnson to compare Dodson to a tiny dog that is annoying your whole neighborhood.

"You know when you walk through a neighborhood and someone has a chihuahua that keeps on barking?" asked Johnson, who is looking to make his seventh successful flyweight title defense. "And you turn around and it tuns back to the porch, and you finally get the chance to kick the chihuahua back to its porch. Then everybody else in the whole neighborhood goes, 'thank you so much.'"