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Nevada Athletic Commission will also review Jake Shields punching Rousimar Palhares after the bell

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Rousimar Palhares is not the only one facing discipline for his alleged shenanigans Saturday night.

The Nevada Athletic Commission will review both the actions of Palhares and Jake Shields for unsportsmanlike conduct, executive director Bob Bennett told on Monday morning.

Palhares allegedly gouged Shields' eyes and held onto his kimura submission too long in the WSOF 22 main event welterweight title fight in Las Vegas. Shields, in retaliation, then punched Palhares after referee Steve Mazzagatti waved off the bout.

Bennett said he is in the process of obtaining a DVD of the fight. He'll watch it again and then make a recommendation to the commission and the chairman, Francisco Aguilar, for potential discipline. Both Palhares and Shields would likely have a hearing at the next NAC meeting if found culpable, Bennett said.

"From what I've seen so far, I want to give fighters the benefit of the doubt," Bennett said. "I'm going to look at it again. I watched the instant replay several times last night on TV and it certainly appeared unprofessional and not indicative of sportsmanlike conduct."

Palhares has a history of holding onto submissions too long. The UFC cut him in 2013 for holding a leglock on Mike Pierce after the fight was waved off. Shields also accused him of gouging his eyes while Shields was in top position in the fight. Palhares beat Shields by kimura submission in the third round and it appeared he held on a tick or two after Mazzagatti came in to stop it.

Bennett said he will speak with Mazzagatti, an oft-criticized referee, about the situation in the same way he would any other ref or judge.

"We had a selection of referees," Bennett said. "Steve has been around for along time. He's very knowledgeable about the business. He and I will have a conversation about his refereeing of the fight."

WSOF executive vice president Ali Abdel-Aziz tweeted Sunday night that he believes Palhares did gouge Shields' eyes and hold onto the kimura too long. He said that WSOF president Ray Sefo would have an announcement on Palhares' status Tuesday. Abdel-Aziz said Saturday that the Brazilian could be stripped of the title.

Bennett said Palhares is not the only one the NAC will look at.

"He hit him after the fight," Bennett said. "The fight was over and he punched him in the face. Just because something happened you didn't like, that's up the commission to look at and take care of. It's not up to the fighter to take matters into his own hands and punch his opponent after the fight. That could have led to an altercation."