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Frankie Perez, 26, retires after first UFC victory at UFC Fight Night 74

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Frankie Perez scored the biggest win of his life on Sunday night. Then, at just 26 years old, he called it a career.

Watch the video above to see Perez (10-2) announce his retirement inside the Octagon just moments after earning his first UFC win, a 55-second knockout of Sam Stout at UFC Fight Night 74.

The decision was widely lauded on social media, though one fighter in particular had strong words for Perez. Following the announcement, UFC middleweight contender and FOX Sports analyst Michael Bisping proclaimed that the young lightweight "hasn't really got the cajones to really be in this sport."

Bisping later elaborated on his comments, tweeting, "Ok I meant maybe he did, maybe he doesn't. Either way, great win."