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Patricio Freire fires back at Will Brooks: ‘He will slap me, and then eat four punches’

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Bellator’s featherweight and lightweight champions are set to defend their belts a Bellator 145 on Nov. 6, but it looks like the promotion could use a little extra security to keep them away from each other.

Patricio Freire puts his 145-pound title on the line against Daniel Straus, while lightweight kingpin Will Brooks meets Marcin Held in the co-main event. The two champions engaged in a war on Twitter over the past few days, and Brooks promised to slap "Pitbull" when they meet.

"I stand by my words," Brooks told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. "When I see Patricio, or Patricky (Freire), either one of them in St, Louis, I will slap one of them. I promise you that."

Patricio Freire has fired back, and challenges the American Top Team fighter to attack him.

"He will slap me, and then eat four punches," Freire told "Wait for it. He started everything. He’s on Twitter all the time, calling anyone out, and when I told him to fight my brother, I guess he didn’t like it and started saying a lot of stuff. He will have to eat everything he’s saying. He said he’ll slap me next time he sees me, but don't count on it."

Coming off a thrilling second-round knockout over Daniel Weichel in June, Freire also took jabs at Brooks for being the co-main event at Bellator 145.

"I’m more notable than the lightweight champion, and that’s why I’m headlining this event," said the featherweight champion. "My challenger is more notable than Brooks too, so it’s natural that we do the main event."