My thoughts of Holly Holm being Ronda Rousey's next oppopnent and prediction on next #1 contender WBW fight between Amanda Nunes-Miesha Tate.

First of all I agree with everyone else that share the view that "Holly Holm isn't ready for Ronda Rousey". I been following Holm's MMA career after this great head kick knockout( .. ).That moment I want the UFC to give her a contract.Holm looked underwhelming so far in the UFC.Everyone expected for Holm to be the Mirko 'Cro-Cop' Filipovic of WMMA.In UFC 184 she struggled against average striker Raquel Pennington at one point she even got knocked down,when she was the overwelming favorite to win. Yes she dominated Marion Reneau,but no knockout. I can understand why the UFC put Holm against Ronda she is going to be 34(her birthday is in October) when the fight starts and don't have much time left for the sport. Odds are Holm's physical abilities will started to decline if not already.Still I rather see this fight than Miesha-Ronda 3,when Ronda sends Miesha's career to the graveyard.

#1 Miesha Tate vs #4 Amanda Nunes analysis


Amanda Nunes

Her biggest advantage is knockout power,size and striking versatility.Nunes is the the last person in Women's Bantamweight Class that anyone want to kickbox with.She have vicious power in both her punches(see Nunes-Budd) and kicks(see Nunes-Baszler).Oh yeah she gotten better since her UFC debut two years ago(she was a violent striker back in Strikeforce).Also Nunes has good ground and pound(Nunes-Gaff).Miesha Tate have been knocked out 2 times and got knocked down 6 times.It appeared that Nunes have improved her takedown defense based on her fights against McMann and Baszler. She also is the larger woman reach advantage(69-66.5) and height advantage(5'8 to 5'6).

Miesha Tate

Miesha biggest advantage is her grappling,experience and stamina. She have the superior gas tank(went 4 rounds in Strikeforce title fight and wining the fight).We seen Nunes gas against Alexis Davis and Cat Zingano. Miesha have one of the best grappling offenses in the weight class.Her BJJ as the reason why she was able to upset Olympian Sara McMann.Amanda have a submission loss in her MMA debut.Miesha's toughness is the most important key to winning the fight against Nunes.Miesha have been in some of the biggest fights in all off WMMA history(Ronda rivalry,Coenen,Zingano).

My Prediction:Amanda Nunes by 1st round knockout.Miesha Tate gets hit way too often in the kickboxing exchanges to the point that she is human punching bag and that is great news for Amanda Nunes as she don't need to rely on volmue to stop Miesha.