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Report: Brittney Palmer's husband won't be charged with crime after attempted murder arrest

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Brittney Palmer's husband was arrested for attempted murder in a domestic incident back in June. Now, he might not be charged with a crime at all, according to a report from TMZ.

Aaron Zalewski allegedly threw Palmer around and choked her until she struggled to breathe on June 11, facts that were originally reported by TMZ. Zalewski was arrested for attempted murder, spousal battery and criminal threats.

As of this week, though, law enforcement sources told TMZ that Zalewski will not be charged and the Los Angeles City Attorney will hold an informal meeting with the two instead. If Zalewski owns up to what he did and is remorseful, he will not be prosecuted. Zalewski could be sent to anger management in exchange for the case being dropped.

The incident allegedly started when Zalewski overheard a casting agent call Palmer "babe." Law enforcement sources told TMZ that things got physical when they wrestled for control over her phone. Palmer was apparently recording the argument and when Zalewski noticed he allegedly threw her and she hit her head on a bedpost.

If he commits domestic abuse before the statute of limitations expires, he would then be charged.

Palmer and Zalewski remain together.