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Rousimar Palhares, Jake Shields temporarily suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct by NAC

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The Nevada Athletic Commission has taken the first step in penalizing Rousimar Palhares and Jake Shields.

On Thursday, the NAC suspended both Palhares and Shields temporarily for unsportsmanlike conduct during and after their fight at World Series of Fighting 22 on Aug. 1 in Las Vegas. Both men will have their disciplinary hearings at the next NAC meeting, which is likely for the week of Sept. 14.

Palhares is being accused of holding onto his kimura submission too long in the main event welterweight title fight with Shields. Palhares, 35, was cut by the UFC in 2013 for the same reason and was also suspended in New Jersey back in 2010 for holding onto a submission too long.

Shields also said Palhares gouged his eyes during the bout and the Brazilian fighter was warned multiple times by referee Steve Mazzagatti for the infraction. There was no mention of eye-gouging at Thursday's NAC meeting, though.

As for Shields, he has been suspended for punching Palhares after the bell in retaliation.

Nevada deputy attorney general Christopher Eccles mentioned that he has yet to file a complaint against either Palhares or Shields, because he is waiting for the drug tests from WSOF 22 to come back.

Mazzagatti has also come under criticism for his role in the situation, but NAC executive director Bob Bennett told's Ariel Helwani on Wednesday that the commission would move forward with him as an official.

Also receiving a temporary suspension Thursday for unsportsmanlike conduct was UFC fighter Caio Magalhaes, who spit out blood on his opponent Josh Samman and referee John McCarthy at The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale on July 12 in Las Vegas following their fight. Samman defeated Magalhaes by first-round submission. Magalhaes will also have his disciplinary hearing at the meeting in September.