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Rafael dos Anjos wants ‘chicken’ Conor McGregor at lightweight: ‘Easy money’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor vowed to "take (Rafael) dos Anjos, without a problem" after beating Jose Aldo, and the UFC lightweight champion is interested in the fight.

dos Anjos, who defends the 155-pound title for the first time against Donald Cerrone, says McGregor would be "easy money".

"I would love if he comes to lightweight, it would be easy money to beat that guy up," dos Anjos told the media during UFC 190 fight week. "I’d be happy if he comes to lightweight, to welcome him to the division, even in Ireland. It’s hard to say how the fight would be, but it would be aggressive, heavy hands, and he wouldn’t handle it."

Before thinking about dos Anjos, McGregor has to take care of Aldo in December. According to the Kings MMA lightweight, who watched McGregor defeat Chad Mendes in July, the Nova Uniao star would have defeated "The Notorious" if they fought at UFC 189.

"This guy has no chance. Aldo would destroy him," he said. "If Chad Mendes was in shape, he would have destroyed him, he showed that. He walked right next to me and he’s too small, he looked like a chicken. Chad Mendes is strong, but McGregor has no chances. That fight really exposed who he really is. He’s that fighter.

"I’ve never seen Chad take a step back, he always moves forward, and he was breathing hard after the first minute," he continued. "T.J. Dillashaw was sitting right next to me and I asked him how was Chad’s cardio when he got the call from the UFC, and he said ‘he’s well for three rounds, not five, but he’s always in shape’. But he gassed in one minute, and still beat McGregor up in the first and second rounds. But I believe McGregor is not even close to the top 5 of the division."

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