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UFC 190 undercard live blog: Maia vs. Magny

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Demian Maia and Neil Magny headline the UFC 190 undercard Saturday night.
Demian Maia and Neil Magny headline the UFC 190 undercard Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 190 undercard blog for the UFC 190 event at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night.

There will be six fights on the UFC 190 undercard. Demian Maia vs. Neil Magny, Rafael Cavalcante vs. Patrick Cummins, Warlley Alves vs. Nordine Taleb, Iuri Alcantara vs. Leandro Issa, Vitor Miranda vs. Clint Hester, and Hugo Viana vs. Guido Cannetti will be featured.

Check out the UFC 190 undercard live blog below.

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Hugo Viana vs. Guido Cannetti
Round 1: First fight on the UFC 190 undercard about to get rolling. Referee for this bantamweight bout will be Osiris Maia. The Argentinian Cannetti looking to make it two in a row in the UFC. Viana came out wearing his "Wolverine" claws, and got a good pop from the Brazilian crowd. They touch gloves. Wide stances, as they feel each other out here early. Now Viana comes in with a flying kick, and that might have nicked Cannetti a bit. They reset. Early crowd already loud in Rio. Spinning kick from Cannetti, and Viana snatches his leg out and tackles him. He's fishing for a heel hook here, but it isn't happening. Viana trying to get Cannetti's back. They stand on the fence, and Viana now using his frame to post Cannetti on the links. He's landing some knees to the body in close. Cannetti landing some knees. Viana trying to hoist Cannetti up and dump him down, but so far Cannetti is thwarting. A lot of energy being expended here. Viana drops lower and gets his lower body into a takedown attempt, but Cannetti isn't budging. Now Cannetti turns the action around and is landing some short shots inside. The referee separates them. High kick whiffs from Cannetti, as Viana keeping a healthy range. With the opposing stances, they are slapping fives, and Cannetti slams down Viana in a scramble. Not a ton of action in that round. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Viana, 10-9.

Round 2: They come out, and Viana takes a head kick that might have wobbled him. But Cannetti takes him to the ground, and now he's going to work. This might be a chance for "Wolverine" to recover. Cannetti on top, in Viana's guard. Now the Brazilian stands up, and he fishes for a single-leg. Gets a momentary takedown, but Cannetti right back up. Knee from Cannetti to the body of Viana, as Cannetti rolls on the fence and takes Viana down. But Viana is right back up. They return to center, with Cannetti holding. Huge leg kick takes Cannetti right off his feet, and the crowd belts out a roar. Viana ducks in and shoves Cannetti up to the fence, and now he's trying to hack away at his chin with some up-punches. Once again, Viana squats low looking for a takedown, but Cannetti not having it. Referee sees a stall and brings them back out to center. Left counter from Cannetti, and that was nice. But Viana shoots in for a takedown, and this time he scores it. He's in Cannetti's guard, posturing up. Now he's raining down hammerfists, and there's plenty of room for big shots here. Cannetti is not tying up those swinging appendages. Right as I say that, he does. He's not cradling on fence as Viana once again slams home a couple of big shots on the supine Argentinian. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Viana, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3: Cannetti with some head kick action early, as he misses on one and then another. That prompts Viana to close the distance, and they clinch. They are back on the fence, and Viana is slugging his fists into Cannetti's rib cage. Foot stomp by the Brazilian, and they scramble. They go down, but right back up. Cannetti very difficult to control. Double-underhooks by Viana, and they toil on the fence. Viana is really trying to get that takedown, and he's getting hit with some knees to the body for his efforts. They exchange and they go scrambling towards the fence. Cannetti getting the better of that scramble, and now it's him with the double underhooks. Back and forth fight. Good strikers, both, but they are toiling right now on that fence, and the referee (once again) separates them. Left hand from Cannetti, and he takes Viana down. Can't keep Viana there. And they are glued together again on he fence, with Viana trying to trip Cannetti down. Instead, Cannetti muscles Viana the other way and down to the canvas they go. It's Cannetti in half-guard, and he's trying to work something late, but that's where it ends. Close fight. Very close. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Cannetti, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Viana).

UFC 190 official results: Guido Cannetti def. Hugo Viana via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Vitor Miranda vs. Clint Hester
Round 1: Couple of TUF contestants squaring off here in a middleweight bout. The ref is Herb Dean. No touch of the gloves for Hester, who spurns Miranda. Hester right into the clinch, and he double-legs Miranda, and drops him to the floor near the fence. Hester suffocating him early. Miranda on his knees, trying to thrust back to his feet, but Hester has his back, and he's dropping knees into his thighs. Hester clinging to the feet, and drops Miranda on his back, where he now gets into his half-guard. Crowd boos as Miranda rolls back to his knees. Hester dropping knees into his thighs, and they aren't doing any damage. Miranda finally gets back up to a nice ovation, but Hester is genuflecting (seemingly) trying to get that double leg. He loses his grip, and now it's Miranda who has Hester on his back. He postures up and starts throwing bombs at Hester! Some nice shots there, as Hester was in a jam. Miranda still in control, once again -- and with great poise -- landing shots. There's a nice left hand from Miranda, who is just blowing Hester up with that left hand. Hester looks stiff and helpess here on his back, and Miranda continues to tee off. Hester trying to snatch a wrist to control the damage, but Miranga postures up again. Now Hester is pulling Miranda's head into his chest, keeping him close. Miranda breaks free to land one more left hand as the horn sounds. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Miranda, 10-9.

Round 2: Hester with a right hand out of the gate, but Miranda greets it with a good inside leg kick. Hester shoots in and once again he dumps Miranda on his butt. Miranda able to get back up, and they roll back out to center. Leg kick from Miranda drops Hester for a second. Hester moves in with a series of punches to set up a takedown, and Miranda goes to work on Hester's body with his right fist. Hester momentarily gets Miranda down, but the Brazilian is right back up. Elbow from Hester lands, and he pursues Miranda across the cage. Once again Hester shoots in, and Miranda lands a knee to his chin as he does and reverses! Now he's going to work. Miranda lands about a dozen left hands on the squirming Hester, who is lost on the ground and just taking punishment. Miranda is landing elbows, two, three, tons. And finally Herb Dean, seeing nothing for "Headbussa" Hester, steps in to stop the fight. Miranda did a great job of turning the tables on Hester there; once he got Hester on his back, it was academic.

UFC 190 official results: Vitor Miranda def. Clint Hester via TKO (strikes) at 2:38 or R2

Iuri Alcantara vs. Leandro Issa
Round 1: Referee is Osiris Maia. Alcantara kissed his biceps during intros. They touch gloves. Alcantara comes storming across the cage flinging bombs. Now he is picking his shots, goes to the body with a kick then up top with a follow-up punch. Issa looking to time out a counter, and Alcantara comes in again, this time landing a flying knee. Issa coolly scoops up Alcantara by the knees, and for a moment holds him on his shoulders. Issa now trying to keep his arm from being pried off his body, as Alcantara looks for a kimura. They scramble, and Issa ends up on top. Immediately Issa moves into half-guard, and he's landing short elbows into Alcantara's brow as he maneuvers. Issa now in side control, and he's leveraging here, landing right hands. Issa showing some great grappling here, as he methodically traps one of Alcantara's arms under his knee. Now Issa is trying to pry Alcantara's arm but slips off. Issa rolls to a north-south, and then right back to side. Alcantara stands up, and now he's trying to work get something rolling, but Issa slips out and he's now in full mount. Great grappling exchanges. Issa swimming through the tangle of limbs to work his ground and pound. The round finishes with Issa on top. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Issa, 10-9.

Round 2: Issa with a front kick, and Alcantara backs him down. Big left hand counter there momentarily drops Issa, which might have been more of a balance thing that just the impact. They are being a little more selective with the striking in this round, as Alcantara slips an overhand and touches Issa with his right hand. Alcantara, the southpaw, keeping that power hand ready to uncoil. Issa shoots in for a takedown, and for a brief moment ends up on bottom in the scramble. Now Issa drops low to his knees and goes for the double, and he hoists Alcantara up on his shoulders. As he gets away, Issa shoots immediately back in on fence, and Alcantara slamming him with short elbows to the temple. Issa is all dog, though, just keeping on him along that fence. Alcantara is tying him up well, though, and the referee separates them. Issa rolls around the perimeter and Alcantara lands a beautiful straight left. Big kick, and Issa is in trouble! Alcantara coming to life, as Issa covers up on the ground. A couple of elbows and punches, now Issa is holding onto Alcantara's legs to minimize the punishment. They get back up. Issa appears okay, and Alcantara stalks him across the cage. Another straight left from Alcantara lands flush, and Issa's head and body wobbled in effect. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Alcantara, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3: They hug to begin the final round, and Alcantara picks up where he left off. Big shots, and Issa shoots in wisely for a single. He can't complete the takedown, though, and in the scramble loses his position and ends up on his back. Alcantara slams him with a couple of lefts before Issa spins back to his feet. They reset, and Alcantara again stalks him down. Issa initiated there, but Alcantara was errant with the counter left. Alcantara is landing that straight left, which he throws with ferocity. Issa has eaten a couple of those, and he's not picking them up. Still, Issa is in it. And he's standing on the outside. He lands a looping left himself, which didn't faze Alcantara. Alcantara keeps feinting, and now he swivels as if to throw a body kick. That spooked Issa into dropping low and shooting in. Once again, Alcantara reverses things and ends up in side control along the fence. Alcantara has Issa's wrists, and he was looking for a kimura, but now he's settling on some ground and pound. Big shots raining down on Issa. Blood everywhere on Issa's face, now. Alcantara peels away and invites Issa back up, and Issa took his sweet time accepting the invitation. All Alcantara late here. Issa looks siphoned. Alcantara has some mojo, as he throws a high kick and now a series of punches. He's got the swagger, as he heads over and tries to clip Issa with a spinning back fist. Misses. But it's his fight now. Issa does what he can to snatch Alcantara's legs for a final takedown, but he gets blasted with half a dozen sharp elbows as he does, just as the final horn sounds. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Alcantara, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Alcantara)

UFC 190 official results: Iuri Alcantara def. Leandro Issa via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28)

Warlley Alves vs. Nordine Taleb
Round 1: The third man in the cage for this one is John McCarthy. Alves comes out with a kick, and then literally shovs down the countering Taleb to the canvas. He follows him down there, and is now in Taleb's half-guard. Taleb very poised on his back, keeping Alves tied up. Alves continues to stay in half-guard, but can't get room to strike. Using his forearm on Taleb's neck, but Taleb able to stand back up. Big head kick misses from Alves, and Taleb coolly moves forward. Alves narrowly missing on some of these bombs. Jab starting to land for Taleb, but right after that Alves comes charging forward with a barrage. Alves still pressuring, and Taleb lands a high kick very nicely on the approach. Left hand from Alves, and Taleb very cleanly returns a right hand. Alves tries a kick, but Taleb caught it. These guys are missing on the big shots, though. Taleb ties Alves off, and they clinch. They go to the fence. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Alves, 10-9.

Round 2: They touch gloves. Alves to the center. Might have landed low with a kick, and he apologizes. Head kick from Alves, and a right hand. He's finding a home for that. Taleb tries to take Alves down, but Alves stuffs that sort of dramatically. Taleb tries a kick, and Alves once again catches his leg and drops him to the mat. As in the first round, Alves right into Taleb's half-guard. He wants to move that left leg over for side control, but Taleb is draping his leg over it to make sure it doesn't happen. Again, neutralizing stuff from the bottom here from Taleb. Finally Alves postures up, and he lands a shot as he drops right back into Taleb's half-guard. Not a lot of room, but Alves lands a big left hand as he forces the issue. From the bottom, Taleb is landing here and there with up-swining elbows. Still, the pressure is on him from Alves. Taleb tries to get up, but can't. Now he does, and Alves grabs his neck for a guillotine -- too sweaty, he pops right back out, and they waltz on the fence. Short elbow from Taleb lands in the clinch. Alves again grabs the neck, and drops down emphatically going for a guillotine....and this time it's tight! Alves has Taleb in a bad spot, and there's the tap. Wow. Alves just grabbed the neck and dropped down to full guard and locked his legs. That was all she wrote for Taleb. Alves moves to 10-0.

UFC 190 official results: Warlley Alves def. Nordine Taleb via submission (guillotine) at 4:11 of R2

Rafael Cavalcante vs. Patrick Cummins
Round 1: Mario Yamasaki is the referee. He does his hand-heart thing, and we're ready. Feijao to the middle, and he starts with an inside leg kick. Spinning kick from Cavalcante coincides with a Cummins' takedown, and they go to the canvas in heap. But Cavalcante right back up. They go to the fence, and Cummins has Feijao tied up, hugging his back. He's looking to dump Cavalcante right there, as Yamasaki looks on. Cummins picks up Feijao and tries to slam him down, but Cavalcante won't be tosses so easily...not yet anyway. He does it again and down goes Feijao. Now Cummins grits his teeth and starts throwing knees. As Cavalcante gets up, Cummins drops him back down. Cavalcante able to finally scramble up, though, and the crowd lets out a roar. Right hand from Cavalcante lands, and Cummins -- perhaps not liking that -- presses him again, and drops him on the fence. Feijao muscles his way back up to his feet on the fence, and Cummins just picks him up and drops him down again. Cavalcante rises again, and comes up swinging this time. Big right hand from Cavalcante. Cummins' eye is swollen shut, his left eye. Cavalcante making his punches count. Cummins pins his ears back and drives Cavalcante into the fence, where again he drops low to get leverage to take him down. Feijao already huffing as he breaks free. Cummins, from range, tags Cavalcante with a jab and an inside leg kick. Tough round. Feijao did more damage, Cummins' controlled better. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Cummins, 10-9.

Round 2: Cummins to cente, and he waves a left hand by Cavalcante. Now he does what he does -- Cummins drops down and drives his hulk into Cavalcante, who now has his back to the fence. Suffocation from Cummins, who is bleeding pretty profusely. Now out of the nose. Cavalcante keeps busting him up during the takedown attempts and in the moments where he can get off from range. Now Cavalcante with a couple of big shots, and on one parting punch he gets literally tackled in the middle of the cage. Cummins now in Cavalcante's guard, as Feijao controls the wrists. Cummins a bloody pulpy mess. Cummins trying to say busy as Yamasaki lurks.  Crowd voicing its dissatisfaction with the sludge wrestler holding Feijao down, and right on cue Cavalcante lands an upkick to get the excitement back up. Elbows now from Cummins, mostly hitting forearms. But he postures up and tries to get some more shots off...and Yamasaki calls time for the doctor to look at Cummins busted up face. His nose is a mess, his eye is bleeding. There are mice under both eyes. They reposition the fighters on the ground. Cummins continues, but Cavalcante gets up and he's swinging. Cavalcante's mouthguard comes out, so time again. They are back, and both guys visibly gassing here.

Round 3: Cummins, sensing he's in control, wastes no time in shooting for a takedown on the fence, and once again he gets it. Right away Feijao fighting from guard, and Cummins' is blasting Fejiao with elbows. Brutal elbows, one, two, three, boom...and Yamasaki says he's seen enough. Cavalcante wasn't defending the onslaught, and that's it. Vicious stuff. Looked like Cavalcante went limp after one of the elbows landed on his temple. Cummins gets the TKO victory. His face is busted up, but he perseveres.

UFC 190 official results: Patrick Cummins def. Rafael Cavalcante via TKO (elbows) at :45 of R3

Demian Maia vs. Neil Magny
Round 1: Ref is Herb Dean. Big truth-teller here for Magny, who's won seven fights in a row. They touch gloves, and immediately Maia to center waving his jab. He shoots for a takedown and momentarily gets Magny down. Magny scoots back up on the fence, but Maia drags him down again, and moves to full mount. Beautiful grappling by the ace himself. Maia steps over Magny on the scramble, and now he's boxing Magny's ears. Heavier punches now, as Magny covers up. Finally Magny gets into half-guard, but Maia immediately steps over again. He's just superb. Magny so far offering little resistance, as Maia now has him on the fence. Maia drags Magny off the fence, and coolly regains full mount. Maia landing big hammerfists from there, as Magny covers up. Magny grabs his neck and brings him back in close, but Maia too crafty. He postures back up and again wails down on the Colorado fighter. Maia in full mount, as Magny tries to scramble up -- he can't -- and Maia looking for an armbar possibly. Magny defends, and Maia continues to dominate from mount. Now he grabs Magny's arm and tries to wrest it from his body for an armbar, but the horn sounds. Magny survives (for now). MMA Fighting scores R1 for Maia, 10-8.

Round 2:
Frustrating round for Magny, who was outclassed on the ground in that first. Magny dances forward waving the jab, and Maia wastes no time in shooting in for a takedown. He gets it, and immediately into side control. Magny trying to catch Maia in a triangle from bottom, and Maia pops out. Now back into full mount, making it look incredibly too easy. Maia for a moment was looking to get Magny's back, and ends up in Magny's half-guard. Once again, fluidity. Maia gets back to full mount, and now has Magny's back. What a display. He's trying to get the choke, as he gets the body triangle. He sinks the arm in, but Magny fending, trying to pry loose. Now Maia sinks it in again, and Magny in a world of trouble. He has his chin tucked in, but Maia applying pressure. Magny sticks his hand out...and there it is, the tap. What a clinic by Demian Maia. That's master class grappling.

UFC 190 official results: Demian Maia def. Neil Magny via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:52 of R2.