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Rafael dos Anjos responds to Donald Cerrone’s steroid allegations: ‘He will get beat up again’

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Rafael dos Anjos will likely put the UFC lightweight title on the line later this year against Donald Cerrone, but "Cowboy" appears to be tired of waiting.

Cerrone, who suffered his last loss in the UFC against dos Anjos in 2013, suggested on Twitter that the UFC lightweight champion, who suffered a knee injury earlier this year, is actually taking a time off to avoid failed drug tests.

dos Anjos, who never tested positive for illegal substances throughout his MMA career, fired back.

"He posted a picture of me 10 years ago and a recent one from a weigh-ins, when I’m obviously in better shape, especially the way I train now, so of course you’re going to see a difference," dos Anjos told "That’s what’s left for him to do. He got beat up by me once and will get beat up again. The belt is here with me. What he can do is wait at the bar, keep drinking alcohol, and wait for his next beating."

dos Anjos is currently rehabbing from a knee injury, suffered before his unanimous decision victory over Anthony Pettis in March, and is expected to return to the Octagon for his first title defense at the end of the year.

"He can say whatever he wants. I’m doing my best, trying to get better every day, doing my physical therapy," dos Anjos said. "I just did another PRP (platelet-rich plasma) session last Thursday, and I’m getting better. Nobody wants to return faster than me. He can wait, keep drinking, and his time to get beat up will come again.

"I train to be the champion. I’m the champion. He trains because he likes this lifestyle. He was never the WEC champion, and will never be the UFC champion. He will get beat up one more time."

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