UFC Trivia (Vol.1)

I don't post here often, but I thought I'd get into the swing of things with a little trivia this morning.

I thought about maybe making this a recurring thing, so I'll see how this goes and please, feel free to fact check me in case I get something wrong. Hopefully this will not only be fun, but possibly help newer followers of the sport learn a fun factoid or two.

Without further ado, here are the questions:

(Note: I'm not trying to impress anybody with my knowledge, so please, no trolling. Some of these will be answered with something as simple as a quick Wikipedia search while others might require you to fire up your Fight Pass subscription.)

UFC 1 Themed

1) As the broadcast opens, the voice speaking over the broadcast gives a weather report of sorts. What kind of forecast was being predicted in Denver back in 1993 as UFC 1 got under way?

2) Name the three-person announce team covering the event. Bonus points if you can name the fourth person, who was responsible for interviewing the fighters next to the Octagon.

3) The play-by-play man stumbled when telling the audience the name of the arena hosting UFC 1. What did he mistakenly call it?

4) What were the credentials of the two color commentators responsible for covering UFC 1?

5) Which hand did Art Jimmerson wear his one boxing glove on?

6) Which foot did Gerard Gordeau kick Teila Tuli with that knocked out Tuli's tooth?

7) Speaking of Tuli, he starred in what 2008 movie featuring a prominent main cast member from How I Met Your Mother?

8) There were EIGHT disciplines highlighted at UFC 1, and they were actually listed in bold white letters on the broadcast. What were the eight disciplines?

9) Zane Frazier was wearing a long sleeve shirt in the opening montage where he was shadow boxing. Which gym was featured on his shirt?

10) The lead announcer opens the broadcast by telling the world we will see something we've never seen before, but in another misstep, accidentally tells the incorrect name of the event we are about to see. He knows it's the UFC, but doesn't quite get the words right. What does he mistakenly call the event?

Georges St-Pierre

1) Which calf is GSP's signature tattoo on?

2) How many TIMES has GSP fought a current/former/or in the future-to-be (as in, it doesn't matter if they became champion AFTER he fought them) UFC (even interim challengers) or Strikeforce champion, regardless of weight class or how many times he fought them (as in, rematches count)?

3) After which fight did GSP get on knees and beg for a title shot? Bonus question, did it work?

4) Later in his career, GSP became more known as a decision fighter. But early in his career, he had some fun finishes on his way to the top. Name the three opponents GSP finished inside the UFC on the way to his first UFC championship.

5) Name the four fighters GSP has fought more than once.


1) There have been 8 UFC interim champions. Name them.

2) I have 16 wins by (T)KO in my OVERALL MMA career. I am also undefeated against former Pride FC champions while fighting them in the UFC. Who am I?

3) There are 18 (I might be wrong on this, but I'm fairly certain) men who have fought for, or challenged for a WEC title that have also fought for or won a UFC title. The order in which they fought for either organization doesn't matter, just that they fought for both organizations and competed for a championship. Name the 18 (or provide any that might have been missed).

4) Matt Hughes fought professionally in 22 different states/countries throughout his career. Name them. (According to Wikipedia).

5) Many fighters have won and lost titles in the UFC but not many have won, but NOT lost their UFC title while still ultimately losing their hold on the belt. How many times has a UFC champion relinquished the crown without physically losing it in the cage to a UFC fighter and can you name the fighters it has happened to?