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Duda Yankovich cleared to fight a year after near-fatal stroke

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

Duda Yankovich was rushed to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro on July 9, 2014, after collapsing in the gym. Doctors managed to save her from a near-fatal stroke, and she’s finally cleared to fight again.

According to Yankovich, the stroke had nothing to do with her MMA and boxing career. The Team Nogueira fighter, who blames a contraceptive pill, feels happy to finally be able to train again.

"It’s all good now," Yankovich told "I was already cleared by the doctors to return to fight. I’m training normally now. I’m really, really happy."

"The toughest part was come to the gym and not being able to train with them," she continued. "I avoided coming to the gym because I would feel bad for not being able to train. Training is my life, it makes me feel alive. That’s what I love doing. But I’m cleared now, so here I am."

A former WIBA light welterweight boxing champion, Yankovich (1-3 in MMA, 11-4 in boxing) is currently signed with Invicta FC, but revealed that she has to win a fight in Brazil before returning to Invicta FC.

"I have two offers. I have to do a MMA fight here in Brazil before coming back to Invicta FC, where I still have three fights on my contract, and I also have a good offer to fight boxing," she said. "But first I have to be ready, spar, and then sign my next fight. Always do everything right, no rush. I always took care of myself, and I don’t need to rush anything."

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